Star Wars Rogue One: The movie almost ended up having a different ending!

Cinema 21 December, 2016

The end of Star Wars: Rogue One can not leave indifferent. But the origin, Gareth Edwards thought to have to offer another conclusion to his film! Warning, spoilers …
Being a rebel in Star Wars is accepting to everyday life in danger … and make sacrifices. And even more so when it is necessary to infiltrate into an imperial base to steal the plans of the most terrible weapon of the Empire! So naturally, when we moved our headquarters to watch Star Wars: Rogue One , is resigned immediately to see at least one or two members of the team Jyn leave their skin. So yes, we are preparing for the worst. Except that – and there, if you have not seen the movie, the editorial ‘of melty warns you that the following contains some major SPOILERS – we frankly did not expect that. Because it is not one or two of the rebel group who die in combat, but all up K-2 SO, which represents the only small comic element of Star Wars: Rogue One ! And in addition, the film spares us nothing, aligning the dead one after the other. Tears, despair, anger, trauma … the end has destroyed us. In short, this is (very) sad, that we die the heart despite our mental preparation and, suddenly, the victory is a little bitter taste . Especially when you know that … the movie almost had a completely different ending!
And yes, Gareth Edwards told Empire that originally some members of Jyn Erso’s rebel team had to survive Scarif’s attack. In reality, neither the team nor the director had thought that the studios would accept to see all the characters die . ” . In the first version, they will not survive And then we just thought we could not do that. ‘. They never let us do that’ so I tried to understand how it could finish Otherwise, and everyone has read it and we all have the same feeling: ‘They have to die, right?’ And everyone said, ‘Yes, can we do that?’ . “But fortunately for Gareth Edwards, studios and Lucasfilm were less strict than he thought. and suddenly, he chose to kill everyone, even Jyn and Cassian.
” We thought we would not have the right to do that but Kathleen [Kennedy] and the people of Lucasfilm told us: ‘Yes, that makes sense.’ […] I expect that someone. one to tell me: ‘You know what will we could not make a scene in addition to which we would see Jyn and Cassian, safely on another planet?’ But no one ever did. . “He continues. And that is how our heroine and the rebel captain have also seen condemned to die . Their death is not shown explicitly, but there is nothing to stop us from imagining them alive, somewhere, right? But, no matter how sad, the death of our courageous characters only makes their sacrifice more beautiful and, above all, reminds us that the Rebel Alliance is ready for everything, even the worst sacrifices, to put an end to the domination of The Empire. And this dimension of desperate resistance was not at the heart of the first trilogy, it had escaped us a little. At least we know there is little chance to see all these actors in other films Star Wars, even Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen – whose characters also perish in Rogue One – told us want to retry the Adventure! What did you think of the end of the film?