Star Wars Rogue One: The scene with Dark Vader who almost did not be in the movie

Cinema 15 January, 2017

One of the two scenes of Dark Vader was almost not in the final version of Star Wars: Rogue One. And considering its impact, it would have been a shame!
Ah, this story of reshoots , it has spilled, ink! Who has not felt a little uneasy on hearing that Star Wars: Rogue One had need additional filming sessions, suggesting that the film was not good enough. In the end, it turned out that these new scenes simply had to make it possible to modify the end and … to sacrifice all the characters of the group of Jyn Erso. Which in itself, even if it’s quite tragic, something quite logical considering the situation and what happens next in Star Wars: A New Hope . What we thus proving that Star Wars: Rogue One could have been a film quite different . But did you know that our heroes are not the only ones involved in these reshoots? Because there is another character, less important in the plot of the film but who is an emblematic figure of the saga, who had the chance to shoot another scene that was not originally planned at all. And it’s obviously Dark Vador whose melty editorial wants to talk! Imagine indeed the final sequence of the character, one in which he massacres the rebels addressing the flagship and that left us glued to our seat , speechless and terrified, almost did not in the movie!
She actually added when the team returned to turn these famous new scenes, as revealed John Gilroy, editor of Star Wars: Rogue One . He told the site Yahoo! Movies: ” What we’ve added – and this is an absolutely fantastic addition – this is the action scene with Vader, when he embarked on the ship and he destroy all the rebels We created a scene. later . “. ” Absolutely fantastic” , so to say! The final sequence of the character is a terrible brutality and shows Vader in all its most violent and terrifying . For it is revealed here in its true light, namely a machine of war implacable, capable of splitting men in two while maintaining an icy calm. This is one aspect of the character that was suspected without ever having actually seen it expressed in the first trilogy.
The moment when it illuminates the dark corridor of the ship by activating his lightsaber has necessarily spun to all the shivers! Besides this scene allows for the direct link to the first scene of Star Wars: A New Hope . We do not hide from you that we are surprised to learn that this notable moment of the film was not planned from the start, so it is incredible. Much as the other key scene from Star Wars: Rogue One who shows us yet Darth Vader in a completely new situation. Finally, the team of the film has done more than well to turn new sequences. For it would still have been a pity to deprive yourself of this final moment as cool as it is chilling! What did you think of this scene?