Star Wars Rogue One: What does the castle of Dark Vador reveal about the character?

Cinema 21 December, 2016

In Star Wars: Rogue One, we discover that Dark Vador lives in a castle a little scary on a planet we know well. But what does that reveal about the character?
Star Wars: Rogue One introduced new characters in the intergalactic saga. But he also added – discreetly, mine of nothing – a new play to the legend Dark Vader. The Lord Sith has in all but two scenes in the film but they are so intense, so brutal, that they left us nailed on our seats. So much indeed that we wondered if Darth Vader did not deserve their own spin-off Star Wars Rogue after his appearances in One ! But in addition to giving us the opportunity to see the villain in action, Gareth Edwards’ feature film offered us new information about him. As you can imagine, the rest of this article contains some spoilers, so if you do not want to make yourself spoiler the surprise, you know what to do. Now that Melty’s editing has warned you, we can get to the heart of the matter. And which therefore has surprised us most about Darth Vader, is that he lives in a strange castle … on a planet that we immediately recognized ! So where does this building come from and what does it really mean for the character of Vador?
If you’ve seen the second Star Wars trilogy, the one that features Anakin Skywalker, you’ve definitely realized on which planet the character is set. This is of course of Mustafar , the world famous theater that served the final battle that pitted Anakin to Obi-Wan and led it to maim and left for dead his Padawan. And you need to know is that this castle – much like Orthanc, the turn of another genius of popular evil Saruman – failed to appear in Star Wars: The Empire against attack . Like what, besides having used images of Episode IV Rogue One to establish a link between the two films , Gareth Edwards went drawn directly into the archives of Lucasfilm.
Pablo Hidalgo, part of the history department and intrigue of Lucasfilm , gives us some details about the castle of Darth Vader in the art book ” Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide “: ” The Monolith Black: Personal residence Vador is an obsidian tower located on an inhospitable world, and the Emperor wants Vador to live in such a rough environment Vader’s servant Vanee visits Vader when he meditates rejuvenation chamber. This austere and modern tower is built on an ancient castle filled with dark secrets . “. But if Dark Vador had already had a sinister dwelling in the wide universe – called Castle of Bast – this one was on the planet Vjun. What, symbolically, does not have the same scope as the location of its new castle! For the fact that it is on Mustafar still want to say something about the character .
Because we do not forget that Mustafar is the world where Anakin lost Padmé after trying to smother him (his trademark), confronted his Master and friend Obi-Wan and where he was burned and mutilated! In short, not frankly a place that he must associate with joyful memories. So why the hell did he go over there? Would the character be a bit maso? In reality, there are chances that represents the duality Mustafar Anakin / Darth Vader . Because, if you think about it, it is on this planet, as he turns against Padme and Obi-Wan, the two people he loves most in the world, that Anakin becomes Vader. And not when Palpatine gives him his name after the fall of Mace Windu or when he betrays the Jedi and slaughters their disciple in the Temple of Coruscant. So it is on Mustafar that he definitely loses himself after losing everything else.
The planet, with its rivers of lava and black rock peaks, symbolizing the tragic transformation of the character … but also focuses probably all the sadness and regret Darth Vader . Because it is well known that it remains finally a small part of Anakin in the depths of Vador, the one who wakes up to save his son during the fight against the Emperor! Then, inevitably, one understands that it prefers to take refuge in its vat to bacta to forget a little its eternal sorrow, its rage and its decay. The presence of the castle of Darth Vader in the film is not trivial, and it is possible we find him later in Star Wars 8, where it could establish a real connection with Star Wars: Rogue One . After all, as a true fanboy of Vader, could not Kylo Ren try to appropriate his former home? What did you think of the scenes of Dark Vader?