Star Wars Rogue One: Why is Leia on Scarif?

Cinema 28 January, 2017

The Cameo of Leia in Star Wars: Rogue One is one of the best and most surprising of the film. But how does the princess find herself in the heart of the battle of Scarif?
Rogue One well be a standalone movie , a spin-off that does not call or prequel or sequel, the fact is that it is inextricably linked to the history of our favorite intergalactic saga. Already, because it tells the flight plans of the Death Star and fills some holes in the story of Star Wars: A New Hope – the kind, how the Empire he could miss this huge Fault in the construction of his weapon of destruction? – while showing us how desperate the struggle against the enemy is. Then because Star Wars: Rogue One is full of tasty cameos , some highly anticipated, such as Darth Vader, and other, much more surprising. And then of course, the editorial ‘of melty think especially this final scene in which we rediscover a young Leia fleeing battle with the famous Scarif plans pocket . But how did the princess find herself in the midst of this particularly dangerous encounter (we shall go so far as to say suicidal)? Pablo Hidalgo, from LucasFilm, who gives us the answer to this question.
During a visit in the last episode of the Star Wars Shows , author and executive creator Lucasfilm has indeed offered some guidance on this. He says: ” According to the plan, Leia had to go to Tatooine to recover Obi-Wan and Raddus was escorting Then the news about what was going on Scarif arrived and they felt it was more important. … because they then had the only battleship available . “. And there you have it! One actually remembers the scene between Bail Organa and Mon Mothma in which the leader of Alderaan implies that he wants to send his daughter to look for the Jedi. And if Jyn Erso and his team did not sow chaos on Scarif, Leia would have continued on her way with Admiral Raddus towards Tatooine where she would have released Obi-Wan from her forced exile. But it was without counting the combative spirit of Jyn … and the Admiral himself, who threw himself headlong into the battle and dragged the crew of Tantive IV with him! In the end, the initiative will Raddus made the best decision as it will permit flight plans of the Death Star . And Leia, thanks to C-3PO and R2-D2, still managed to fulfill his mission and get Obi-Wan’s help. Anyway, the cameo Leia in Star Wars: Rogue One, Carrie Fisher herself loved , makes perfect link between the spin-off and Episode IV! What did you think of Leia’s cameo?