King Arthur: Guy Ritchie, “I see my films as fables”

After Charlie Hunnam, it is the turn of Guy Ritchie, the director of King Arthur, to answer exclusively to some of our questions!
After realizing ...

20 May, 2017
King Arthur: 3 things to know about the film with Charlie Hunnam

More than six days before the release in our rooms of King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur. So to wait, here is a list of three things you need to ...

11 May, 2017
We had zapped but there are too many actors who appeared in “X-Files”

Between the cameos, the guests, the regular appearances, a lot of actors showed their head in the series. Focus on the brief apparitions that had ...

14 February, 2017
Star Wars Spinoff Han Solo: Actor of the original saga wants to make an appearance

The Spinoff of Han Solo is the center of attention of all fans of Star Wars. So much so that an actor of the original saga wishes to make a cameo! ...

9 February, 2017
Star Wars Rogue One: Why is Leia on Scarif?

The Cameo of Leia in Star Wars: Rogue One is one of the best and most surprising of the film. But how does the princess find herself in the heart of ...

28 January, 2017
Star Wars Rogue One: The best 5 caméos in the movie!

Star Wars: Rogue One put the package on the cameos, all as cool as each other. You get a top 5 of the best of them. Warning (big) spoilers!
Come on, ...

22 December, 2016