We had zapped but there are too many actors who appeared in “X-Files”

Cinema 14 February, 2017

Between the cameos, the guests, the regular appearances, a lot of actors showed their head in the series. Focus on the brief apparitions that had been forgotten.
After nine years of broadcasting, two films and a recent “revival” (one season), it’s hard to forget about the hundreds of hours of X-Files. Notably the actors who appeared on the screen. Then to refresh the memory and feel a bit of nostalgia, we make a little reminder now.
Ryan Reinolds
So, at the beginning of his career and hardly known, the Canadian takes advantage of the fact that the first five seasons of X-Files are shot in the forests around Vancouver to scratch a role . In an episode of season 3, very short: he is killed from the opening scene by a monster.
Jack Black
In the third episode of the 3rd season, to be precise. He plays the role of Bart “zero” Liquori, a brave guy . That is to say a little limited. He is hanging out with a young man from Oklahoma, suspected of murder and having a strange power, interpreted by Giovanni Ribisi. A bad idea, since Jack Black aka Bart Liquori ends up being abused.
Lucy Liu
At the time, she was skimming the TV series and platters to round off the end of the month. Before being a star, you have to work and hang on. Then we saw Lucy Liu in Beverly Hills 90210, The Law of Los Angeles, Papa tinkers, Emergencies … and X-Files . In an episode, she plays the role of a sick girl, and her father is going to type in illegal battles with as a match bonus of human organs. For Save her. Hot (cocoa, sorry).
Shia Labeouf
Then aged thirteen, young Shia plays the role of a sick child, waiting for a transplant. And after ? His neighbor, who possesses a power, an extraordinary chance, uses it to find the money needed for treatment . Nothing special for him since he already played in many films (I Robot, Constantine) and series like Freaks and Geeks or Emergency (cuckoo Lucy Liu).
Tea Leoni
Let us try to summarize the thing clearly: in this episode written and directed by David Duchovny, the agents Scully and Mulder inspired the creation of a film staging them . Thus, they go to Los Angeles to attend the first screening and discover the actors who interpret them. Garry Shandling for Mulder, Tea Leoni for Scully. Small detail lolilol: Leoni was then the wife of David Duchovny in real life.
A trio of Breaking Bad: Aaron Paul / Bryan Cranston / Dean Norris
And yes, Breaking Bad was obviously not the first TV series to their credit. For Bryan Cranston, easy, he made us laugh in Malcolm. And less here, playing a tart who takes Mulder hostage and forces him to drive west, like that . Aaron Paul (aka Jesse Pinkman) hits a teenager who shoots his buddies typing stunts, hoping to see his videos on TV in a show called Dumbass. Finally, for Dean Norris (aka Hank Schrader), nothing surprising: he was playing a cop who helped Mulder and Scully to solve an investigation during the 22nd episode of season 2. Who remembered seeing them?