Star Wars Spinoff Han Solo: Actor of the original saga wants to make an appearance

Cinema 9 February, 2017

The Spinoff of Han Solo is the center of attention of all fans of Star Wars. So much so that an actor of the original saga wishes to make a cameo!
When the output of the Force Alarm , several players were able to sign their return to the saga of the millions of fans: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher … while others were not able to appear in the film . It was, for example, the case of Billy Dee Williams, the actor who portrayed Lando in Han Solo’s original saga and friend (then enemy before becoming a friend). The latter will be embodied by Donald Glover in the spinoff of Han Solo, whose shooting was announced with a photo . Billy Dee Williams did not hide his desire to make an appearance in this future production of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller at the turn of an interview for The Hollywood Reporter.
The actor said so about the question on his return “I do not know, it depends if they (Disney) ask me, I would have nothing against returning … If they asked me, I would not say no ” . For the fans of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, this idea may seem brilliant: the two filmmakers especially love to multiply the references in their films ( 21 Jump Street first). Of course, given that in the spinoff of Han Solo (which Woody Harrelson starts shooting in March) , it is the youth of the heroes that is put on scene, little chance that Billy Dee Williams resumes his role. Fans can instead imagine a cameo or a huge wink. What do you think ?