Star Wars Rogue One: The best 5 caméos in the movie!

Cinema 22 December, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One put the package on the cameos, all as cool as each other. You get a top 5 of the best of them. Warning (big) spoilers!
Come on, admit it, we will see Star Wars: Rogue One for his new characters, his story fills some holes in the plot of the saga … and his cameos! Because yes, as we suspected, the film of Gareth Edwards abounds with winks and references which obviously make our happiness. There are these characters we mentioned – Attention spoilers! – As a Jedi (who is not named, but we know well that this is Obi-Wan) or a general Syndulla (which is none other than Hera, the incredible pilot Star Wars: Rebels , which also can see the ship during the battle of Scarif). And just to know that we talk about them, it gives us a little thrill of excitement! So imagine what it feels like when you see land at the corner of a scene from Star Wars: Rogue One Darth Vader in his incredible castle or an iconic heroine of the saga. For alongside Mothma, who returned for some sequences at the head of the Rebel Alliance, other major (and less great, as the two friends Ponda Baba and Dr Evazan) names Star Wars became embedded in Rogue One , some was expected and others … we really do not see imagined ! The editing of melty makes you a small top 5 of the best caméos of the film. Warning, SPOILERS ahead!
dark Vador
And so, we start with the most obvious, Dark Vader! When the character was announced to the cast of the film, it was not really believed. To be honest, it was even feared that his apparitions would somewhat hurt his aura of the most popular villain of the cinema. Well, clearly, we were worried about nothing. Because both Vader cameos are simply DINGUES ! It traumatized Orson Krennic – Ben Mendelsohn even admitted he was impressed by Darth Vader during the filming of Star Wars: Rogue One – by smothering, just to remind him where his place (the usual stuff, what). And then, there is this scene of a crazy intensity where he massacre with the arms of the rebels stuck like rats in the passageway of a ship. In short, always with the hoarse voice of James Earl Jones, Darth Vader proved he was still impressive, still as creepy – or more – than before . And we love it!
Bail Organa
It was known relatively late, Bail Organa, which was unveiled on a picture shortly before the release of Star Wars: Rogue One , would also make a cameo. So he is disembarking, twenty years after helping Obi-Wan to disappear and adopted Leia. And during these two decades, Bail is far from being inactive! It has apparently become one of the most important figures of the Rebel Alliance (which explains the place Leia holds in the organization), and is also one of the most determined men to fight to the end against the ‘Empire. His last conversation with Mon Mothma breaks our hearts. For Bail Organa chose to return to Alderaan in order to prepare his people for war. And we all know what a tragic fate the planet expects …
We now move on to those we did not expect. And if there is one that we did not expect at all to see in Rogue One, it is the Great Moff Tarkin! For good reason, Peter Cushing, who lent his features in Episode IV, which is related to Star Wars: Rogue One in many ways , died in 1994. So obviously, at no time did we say that An officer of the Empire controlling the activities of the Black Star would point the tip of his nose. But the magic of motion capture and CGI helped to accomplish this little miracle. And here Tarkin alive, who arrived to put a pressure surge in Krennic … before stealing it outright weapon designed by Galen Erso. Like Vador, the Great Moff has remained faithful to himself and one sees (almost) not the difference with the true!
Go a Star Wars without the two incorrigible stars of the saga, this is not really a Star Wars ! The two droids make a single appearance (but what an appearance!) In the film, as the rebel fleet prepares to take off from Yavin IV to Scarif. C-3PO takes advantage of it to make, as usual, his diva! And yes, no one has warned him of this hasty departure and he does not fail to complain, an attitude of which we are very familiar. As he would have done better to shut up since R2 and he will find themselves stuck on the Tantive IV, the ship of Leia, when this one is approached by the Imperials. And, best of all, it is Anthony Daniels doubling the golden droid , making him the only player to have participated in all eight films in the franchise!
Then she did not expect him either! And yet, when we saw this silhouette from the back wrapped in a white cape, we immediately understood who it was. And we almost choked with bated breath, waiting for Princess Leia finally revealed his face ! For this scene, which takes place on Tantive IV only a few minutes before the opening sequence of Episode IV, (and which also allows us to see the poor captain Antilles, RIP) our heroine is played by The actress Ingvild Deila. And so that as much as possible to the character looks, the team of Rogue One used images of Carrie Fisher from the 1970’s, however, it is the voice of the latter that one hears the word ” hope ” at the end of the film. And here, with this little sequence, we know how Leia came into possession of the plans of the Black Star … and the heavy toll that the Rebel Alliance paid to get them. Suffice to say therefore that the cameo Leia is probably the most moving of Star Wars: Rogue One ! Which cameo you preferred?