The Avengers Infinity War: Stan Lee tease the arrival of an emblematic Marvel character

Cinema 25 May, 2017

Will an emblematic character of the Marvel make his appearance in The Avengers Infinity War? This is what Stan Lee seems to have escaped in an interview …
All fans of comics can only know Stan Lee. The famous artist behind the birth (and co-birth) of many superheroes emblematic of American culture. The author appears regularly in the films of the Marvel franchise and the next meeting of the Avengers, The Avengers Infinity War (of which a huge catastrophe scene was shot in Atlanta) should not escape this rule. In an interview about this, the man let a little confidence escape. The latter has teased that an emblematic character of Marvel , never before seen on big screen, should make its appearance in this episode!
But then who could it be? On the web, fans are already wondering. Many think of Captain Marvel , whose role is officially endorsed by Brie Larson (who described the heroine as “believing in truth & justice”) . But with Marvel, fans are never immune to a surprise! Other names are evoked like Miss Hulk, Hulk Rouge or Namor … In short, it will be necessary to wait until the exit of the Infinity War to discover it. But one thing is certain: the temperature rises on the internet among the aficionados of comics. It must be said that this next blockbuster promises a lot to fans of the genre … And you, what do you think?