Star Wars The Last Jedi: A completely crazy theory questions the identity of Snoke

Cinema 1 April, 2017

What if the Supreme Leader was actually the evil version of one of the other Star Wars characters? This is the slightly crazy theory we have unearthed for you today.
If the Force woke up to the cinema in 2015, the imagination of Star Wars addicts too. It is very simple, we no longer even count all the theories, sometimes plausible, other times totally freaky , which have emerged on the canvas about the famous space opera. A character, in particular, crystallises many questions: Snoke. The evidence, when the official title of the eighth Star Wars was unveiled, was already wondering if Snoke would not be the last Jedi (but that was before knowing that the title was actually plural). If you already find this perspective drawn by the hair, know that you have not seen anything yet. Hang on to your seat, because here comes a new theory about the identity of Snoke, totally eerie. According to the Star Wars Union website, the Supreme Leader would not be the one we believe. Another character would hide behind him. But who ? Snoke would be none other than … Luke Skywalker . WAIT DO NOT LEAVE, let us explain the delirium.
We leave you a few seconds to record the information, which, frankly, is rather barred. Basically, according to the benchmark of fans, Luke would have experienced a kind of split of himself after the Endor episode : on the one hand, the luminous side of Luke, on the other, his dark side. A sharing explained by the opposite ways borrowed by his parents: his father would have left to him inheritance his obscure part, when his mother would have transmitted the good to him. You follow ? So, the theory would explain why Luke Skywalker seems to have failed to reform the Jedi order, as we discover in episode 7. Okay, at melty we agree that this theory is still an improbable chouia, But we must give it a merit: it is clear that good and evil have always coexisted in Luke. He can do nothing, it’s family. But to say that he and Snoke are only one person, it’s less safe! For the moment, we still prefer to believe that Luke Skywalker regrets to have become Jedi in Star Wars The Last Jedi . In your opinion, in or out this theory about the dual identity of Snoke?