Star Wars The Last Jedi: In what state will the Galaxy be at the beginning of the film?

Cinema 28 February, 2017

According to the MakingStarWars website, the events at the end of the Revival of the Force will have many consequences for the rest of the galaxy. They tell you what.
Another 10 months to wait before discovering the new adventures of Rey, Finn and Poe in Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi . In other words, an eternity. But do not despair, because in a little more than a month will be the Star Wars Celebration , and it is very likely that we are offered new official news, even new photos, or even optimistic, a first Trailer! Until then, we have to be satisfied with rumors, more or less probable, like that according to which Ben Del Toro would play the father of Rey . But if we are very interested in the main characters, what about the rest of the galaxy? According to the sources of the site MakingStarWars , which are generally rather reliable, The events at the end of the Revival of the Force will have many consequences on the galaxy in the broad sense. Because yes, if the Resistance managed to destroy the Starkiller, Snoke and the First Order had time to show the entire galaxy what they were capable of. War is so declared and at the beginning of Star Wars 8, different peoples will understand that they have a choice to make that will seal their destinies: submit or resist.
But according to MakingStarWars sources , some planets will decide to remain rather neutral and thus be courted by both sides. This would be the case, for example, with a “planet-casino” . And if it was there that we met there the personage incarnated by Beniocio Del Toro? After all, we were teased by someone who was rather ambiguous, neither bad nor good. That he is part of one of these planets who do not speak out against this intergalactic war would not surprise us. Case to follow. Finally, the MakingStarWars site teases a New Republic completely overwhelmed by events, forcing the Resistance to take serious decisions. And some of them will cause tension, Especially between Poe Dameron and the character of Laura Dern, of which we have had some clues about his role lately . In short, if we sum up all this, roughly, the First Order is no longer feared, the New Republic completely lost and the Resistance on the brink of explosion. In short, we have more to count on Rey, Finn and Luke Skywalker to fix all that. And you what do you think ?