Star Wars The Last Jedi: New details on the opening credits

Cinema 18 April, 2017

After the first images of the film unveiled at the end of last week, we have new details about the film credits, one of the trademarks of the saga.

GREAT NEWS ! If the latest Star Wars movie had no opening credits or “Opening Crawl” as they say in the US, it will be back in Star Wars The Last Jedi , scheduled for release in December 2017. yes, the plot of Rogue One, A Story Star Wars takes place between episodes already out and cults, the director did not consider it necessary to explain the state of the Galaxy early in the film. Rian Johnson on the other hand, could not miss or at least hoped! It was announced a few months ago already, the plot of Star Wars Episode VIII will begin there or that of the Reveil of the Force ended ,
This is what Rian Johnson told MTV US at the Star Wars Celebration: “Even if we resume the plot where we left off, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about many things. We managed to write 3 paragraphs ” . Woop Woop! We feel the thrills of excitement in us and these last few days have been rich in emotions for our little hearts from a distant galaxy. If you missed it, the first teaser trailer of Star Wars The Last Jedi was unveiled Friday!