Star Wars The Last Jedi: The Official Trailer Unveiled!

Cinema 14 April, 2017

It is there, it is beautiful, it is all fresh! The first trailer of Star Wars The Last Jedi was unveiled, discover it RIGHT NOW.
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ! We announced it to you at the beginning of the week, April 14 would be a glorious day for all the fans of the universe Star Wars. The 40 years of the saga have arrived and the Star Wars Celebration took place in Orlando, Florida where hundreds of fans were gathered around the actors who gave life to the cult characters of the franchise. What better time than this to unveil the first official images of the film? You know, Disney / Lucasfilm are not hyper fans of the spoilers around the saga and promised that very few images would be unveiled before December 2017. But what does this trailer reveal?
As you can see, the trailer focuses mainly on the relationship between Rey and Luke at first, with the training that our favorite Jedi will put under the little news. It is also an opportunity to hear Luke’s first words, which seems to have become slightly blase with time. But we do not forget to show Finn, in a situation that raises a lot of questions, or even Poe Dameron and of course Kylo Ren, faithful to himself. There is even the impression that this time Captain Phasma is going to serve something. For cons, no info about Rose, the new character of Kelly Marie Tran .