Star Wars The Last Jedi: The Origins of the First Order Unveiled!

Cinema 7 March, 2017

Where did the First Order come from and how did it become established in the galaxy? At ten months of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we have an early answer to this question!
The Resistance may have won a great battle in destroying the Starkiller Base in Episode VII of Star Wars , but it is far, far away, to have won the war! At least it will have revealed to the entire galaxy what kind of character the Supreme Snoke Leader really is and what the First Order is willing to do to impose its power on all planets. So, no choice, for Snoke, there is only one solution: to cease to operate in secret, to reveal itself completely and to bend all the populations in order to dominate them . In short, as you said melty, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi will begin, the galaxy will again be plunged into a state of war, which will not fix Rey’s affairs, Luke and company. Except that part of us is wondering how the First Order was able to build itself up and get so much power and power for thirty years, all without anyone sounding the alarm. In fact, there is a reason , a reason that we can find in the novel Star Wars: Aftermath – Empire’s End (Chuck Wendig), which precisely describes the foundation of the First Order …
It is thus learned that Admiral Gallius Rax, after Palpatine’s death, attempted to take over the reigns of the Empire and make it a solid organization that would not rely on the use of the dark side of the Force. But he was betrayed by Admiral Rae Sloane, who realized that Gallius had only one objective in mind: to destroy all the officers of the Empire, as Palpatine had ordered him before his death. Resulting in the fact that both were sullied by their thirst for power, Rae decides to take matters into his own hands and build his own Empire, a solid Empire that would not be subject to the whims of a single individual . And to accomplish this, she first assassinates Gallius before taking his place and dragging his own … out of the galaxy, beyond the outer edge, Far from any known civilization. As for the name of ” First Order “, it would simply come from his very first commandment as leader, to start from scratch.
Then, of course, Rae Sloane and his men, including a certain Armitage Hux, who will soon become General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson), did not just stay on the other side of the Outer Rim. It is clear that once firmly constituted, the First Order has slowly moved in order to return to the heart of the galaxy. On the other hand, it is difficult at the moment to know if Rae Sloane was still at the head of it at that time or if Snoke had already replaced it . In any case, the origins of the First Order force us to question ourselves on those of his Supreme Leader and on the way in which he came to power. Let’s hope that Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in which Snoke should have a greater role , We will learn a little more about it! What do you think ?