Star Wars The Last Jedi: The trailer unveiled at the end of the week?

Cinema 10 April, 2017

Are Star Wars fans ready to live an exceptional week? The first trailer of Star Wars The Last Jedi could be unveiled Thursday.
Would the patience of Star Wars fans be on the verge of being rewarded? While Star Wars Celebration will be held on Thursday, April 13th from Orlando , the first images of Star Wars The Last Jedi will be unveiled to a truly lucky audience. There is no doubt that the latter will soon find their way to us and the good news is that we should discover more than a teaser but actually a ‘small’ trailer. Star Wars News Net has indeed announced that we would have the right a glimpse of the film and not a series of close-ups on the characters without new concrete elements, which would raise the excitement a notch.
An excellent news since Disney / Lucasfilm has clearly announced its intention to keep as many secrets as possible on this new strand. Very few elements should be revealed so that the spectators can have a real surprise by going into the dark rooms. We give you appointments at the end of the week to finally discover the first images of the film and we will decrypt all this with you! While waiting for this glorious day, we propose you to discover the first details about the role of Carrie Fisher in Star Wars Episode IX.