Stranger Things: What you guess about season 2 thanks to the teaser

Cinema 6 February, 2017

Barely 30 seconds of video and we already have tons of questions about season 2. But also some answers, if we look at each picture well.
Facts, facts, facts. Here is the video of the teaser, we talk about it after!
It was not until October 2017
We start with the bad news, so we get rid of it. Yes, we will have to be patient. Very patient. For there, we’re not talking a few more days of waiting, the tears, but weeks, nay, months! If the producers and Netflix we play it all pile, it will be Tuesday October 31, since they indicate “Halloween” in late teaser. As Dustin says so well: oh my God!
It will still be impregnated in the atmosphere of the 80s
The old pub for Eggo brand, the arcade game and our loyal acolytes dressed as Ghostbusters, hard to think of another time! Moreover, by pushing vice, we guess that this second season takes place in 1984, year of release of the film (SOS Ghosts, in VF).
The government remains involved in experiments
It was poor Eleven in season 1, by her own father. Who will pass this time in the hands of the mad scientists protected by the State? Hard to know, anyway y ‘will still damage because we see a guy in a suit looking at a battery retransmitting televise live what happens in dark rooms …
Eleven will be back!
We would not want to celebrate too soon but frankly do yell “Eleven!” Will just to feint to us, it would not be very nice . A sacred emotional lift, several months apart, it would hurt. No, it’s not possible, creators are not like that.
Will Will Still Taste …
And if we look good (yeah we must concentrate and use the slow motion because the images are linked), we think we recognize Will. Accompanied by his mother, while he is attached to a table and examined by a doctor. Small detail that confirms the previous paragraph: the videotape indicates the date October 30, 1984. Shit, Halloween, so it’s the release date of season 2 or the time of the story? Or both ? Possible, remark.
Monster level, there is still a beautiful piece
The one seen last August was already pretty good! Very big, well sturdy, well disguised. Well, it starts again! While we see the sheriff Hopper digging and Will head towards a door, our eyes are then attracted by a shady and red sky that does not announce anything good. Then we see a monster with four legs, a kind of giant spider how Lovecraft, visible while he is away . Imagine the size of the brothel when you’re right in front … We feel that Will is going to rub there, since it seems well connected to the world upside down and still traumatized …
No Barbara back
One agrees, one saw her wrong return, good foot good eye after what had happened to him. Kind tranquillou, full form: “Bah what? Yeah a little scare but more fear than evil in fact!” However, Dustin, Will, Mike and Lucas, not to mention the adults, kept telling each interview that they wanted to avenge Barb, pay homage to her, and even bring her back in any way, according to the Duffer brothers. There was even a hastag (#WeAreAllBarb), people were kind of flaming. Finally, the designers did not have to find a way to do this well because we do not see any picture (or even reference) to the Nancy buddy in the teaser. Who has seen, spotted other things?
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