Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Dr Strange: These superheroes who landed in theaters in 2016

Cinema 24 December, 2016

In 2016, the films of superheroes made in the classic, with Batman or even the Avengers. But they were not alone: ​​some newcomers came to upset the deal!
Clearly, the year 2016 was mind-boggling for all those who kiss the superheroes. At the top of the poster, they found those that we already know by heart, but without whom we would not have imagined spending the year: the two behemoths Batman vs Superman , the hero of Marvel Captain America Civil War or yet mutants X-Men Apocalypse . The fight, the punchlines , and even emotion, they have given us all! But these references ultimate superhero matters were not left in the shade all the new recruits who landed in theaters in 2016. A year under the sign of a revival since we got, in bulk, at a dose of magic to strip super villains and even a hero freaky . Overview of the surprises we have booked in the dark rooms this year on superhero Difficult to begin with, to miss the super-villains wave that exploded on our screens in 2016. Quite simply, DC beat Marvel at the box office with the movie Suicide Squad . Bringing together for the first time a team not so nice heroes, the third film in the film universe DC heard fans who wanted new blood to the movies . Special mention to Margot Robbie, who embodied a fiery and delusional Harley Quinn. No wonder his character pays the luxury of having his own spin-off in the years to come!
In the clan of newcomers disembarked in 2016, we inevitably find the wacky and impertinent Deadpool. Totally psychopathic and megalomaniac character initiated an unexpected turn in the Marvel universe . If the Avengers had left us a few well-phrases, it was nothing compared to the caustic humor and sometimes really bad jokes Deadpool . Loaded in violence, the film was released in Rated R … Whether we love it or hate him, unquestionably, Deadpool is one of those superheroes arrivals that marked us in 2016!
Finally, we could not finish this round of superheroes horizon that made their arrival to the movies in 2016 without Doctor Strange ! Again, it was a risky bet that was made in this fourteenth part of the MCU. With its psychedelic universe and parallel realities, Stephen Strange yet we well glued to our seat . And this is only the beginning of the adventure for Doctor Strange, where we would see well three villains that would be perfect for the rest in preparation. In short, 2016 gave us the opportunity to discover for the first time a good superhero gratin … then, inevitably, to the editing of melty, we ask for at least as much for the year 2017! And you, what superhero did you discover for the first time at the cinema in 2016?