Supergirl, The Walking Dead, Shadowhunters, The Flash: Top 8 scenes you’ll never get tired of watching!

Cinema 11 January, 2017

While most of the series are still in the winter break, Melty’s editorial has been wanting to go back over all the scenes that have marked us over the years. Let’s go !

The full of emotions! And yes the meltynauts, whether sad, violent, romantic or spectacular, there are certain scenes of series that we can never forget and of which we can never tire. Because that’s also TV series, this is crazy moments that mark us forever . While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our top 8 characters from series that deserve to encounter true love , set back on all these scenes that will remain forever etched in our memories!
The Death of Glenn and Abraham in the 7×01 of The Walking Dead
We’re not going to lie, we still have a hard time getting over it. After having waited months to know the identity of the character who was going to be murdered by Negan, we finally discovered that Lucille spared neither Glenn nor Abraham. Two of the most emblematic characters in the series. How to forget this moment as violent as spectacular? Besides our pain, this is probably the bloodiest scene of the show and we should not forget it anytime soon.
The Team Up of the superheroes of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl in the crossover
What a kick to see all the heroes of the CW gathered at the crossover event! Whether we liked this episode or not, we must admit that the final scene in which everyone was united against the Dominators was as crazy as it was visually spectacular. We love to see them all interact that we would ask for more often. Fortunately, the musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl should fill us.
The almost kiss of Penguin and Nygma in Gotham
Since the beginning of the show, some of the fans would be delighted to see Penguin and Nygma entertain a true love story. Unfortunately, it is not ready to happen but there was indeed this scene during which the two characters were discussing quietly sitting on a sofa. It was crazy and just for that, it deserved a place in our ranking.
Stefan’s request to Caroline in The Vampire Diaries
Whether one is a fan of the couple Steroline or not, difficult to remain insensitive to such a magnificent declaration of love. After spending several years turning around, conquering and admitting their feelings, this request for marriage had everything of a fairy tale. And when we think all they have lived together, they fully deserve to be happy together . Let’s cross our fingers for a beautiful wedding in June!
Maggie’s statement to Alex in Supergirl
When Supergirl allowed Alex to reveal who she really was , we were totally excited and just as sad when Maggie made it clear to Alex that she did not want to be her friend. So when the pretty brunette realized she had feelings for Miss Danvers, we were terribly delighted. Their relationship is so pure and sweet it’s hard not to crack . We wish them all the happiness of the world.
The reunion of Clarke and Lexa in The 100
What a wonderful moment! Whether we are or not fans of the couple Clexa, it is almost impossible to deny the intense chemistry that exists between the two women . And after waiting almost a whole season, Clexa offered us the most intense moment by succumbing to their respective feelings. A scene as romantic as perfectly filmed which unfortunately ended in the most horrible way.
The first kiss of Magnus and Alec in Shadowhunters
If you are fans of Shadowhunters, you really can not be missed this beautifully shot scene. A moving, satisfying, funny, so many words can describe this moment that has yet lasted a few minutes . It must be said that it was a long time that we waited for the Malec couple to take the plunge and he did it in the most wonderful way possible.
Reconciliation of Hanna and Caleb in Pretty Little Liars
Another scene for the romantics! But it would be foolish not to mention the reunion of Hanna and Caleb which were absolutely delightful. While we had clearly stopped believing, Caleb suddenly offered the fans a declaration of epic love during which he capsized the heart of beautiful Hanna. Haleb is back guys and we sincerely hope that it is for good! What series scene has marked you forever?