Lenovo: The design and characteristics of the Moto X 2017 still leaked

The 2017 Moto X should not be long! Photos of a prototype have just leaked, revealing its design and technical specifications.
Last weekend, ...

28 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi 6 Plus: Their characteristics have leaked and it is chanme!

The characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus have leaked. You will immediately understand why Chinese smartphones should compete with the Galaxy ...

27 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: Its dual photo sensor unveils in leaked images

A few weeks before his presentation, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is more than ever talking about him. Its dual photo sensor has just leaked.
The Xiaomi Mi 6 ...

24 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: The Chinese smartphone could be devoid of jack

New rumor about the Xiaomi Mi 6! Like the iPhone 7, the future Chinese smartphone would be devoid of jack, and water-resistant.
The Xiaomi Mi 6 has ...

21 March, 2017
Kendall Jenner burgled, Brad Pitt close to Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and The Weekend threatened: The recap ‘people of the week!

The last few days have been tough for the Kardashian-Jenner clan as Brad Pitt is getting closer to Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom would put The ...

17 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: A model under Snapdragon 821 while waiting for the Snapdragon 835?

To avoid waiting for the month of May, Xiaomi could release a Mi 6 under Snapdragon 821. The variant with Snapdragon 835 would arrive once the Galaxy ...

17 March, 2017
IPhone 8: An exit not before 2018?

It's the crazy rumor that stirs the canvas ... The iPhone 8 should not see the day before 2018. But while Apple reserves us for the beginning of ...

14 March, 2017
IPad: The new models presented as of next week?

Is the date of the Keynote for the month of March clear? In any case, what the last sounds of hallways suppose ... We tell you everything! ...

14 March, 2017
Brad Pitt and George Clooney: has Angelina Jolie destroyed their friendship?

While Brad Pitt and George Clooney are best friends for many years, Angelina Jolie would have created tensions between the two actors.
Recently, ...

11 March, 2017
Kharde Kardashian: His advice very bizarre for his fans

Khloe Kardashian wants your property! But we are not sure that you will follow the very special advice of the star ...
Khloe Kardashian got clashed ...

8 March, 2017
IPhone 8: Apple would launch a model “Edition” for the 10 years of the iPhone

The iPhone 8 could be called "iPhone Edition". Yes, for the 10 years of the iPhone, Apple wants to offer an even higher-end product than usual.

A ...

8 March, 2017
Nokia: Two high-end smartphones under Snapdragon 835 in sight, RDV in June!

Nokia has big plans for the rest of the year. The Finnish manufacturer would market two smartphones under Snapdragon 835, including one with a dual ...

8 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: Finally, his Snapdragon 835 would not be bridled!

New information about the Xiaomi Mi 6 has just been unveiled. The flagship should embed a Snapdragon 835 processor in full possession of its ...

6 March, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 6: Its price and release date have leaked!

The promising Xiaomi Mi 6 is fast approaching. Its release date and price have just leaked!
Xiaomi took advantage of the MWC 2017 to formalize the ...

3 March, 2017
OnePlus 5: Why it will hurt the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6

The OnePlus 5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. MeltyStyle explains why it has every chance to compete with the Galaxy S8 and ...

2 March, 2017
The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is coming soon, the iPad Pro 2 has to worry

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 should send heavy! According to the rumors, it would have all the qualities to counter the future iPad Pro 2.
If Samsung has not ...

1 March, 2017
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, more than friends?

Friends, enemies or much more? What is the true relationship between the two actors of the trilogy Fifty Shades of Gray, you are told everything! ...

26 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017): Its design and features have leaked!

The Galaxy J7 (2017) is talking about him again. Its design and characteristics have leaked, and it is rather seductive.
Last January, Samsung has ...

23 February, 2017
Blade Runner 2049: Intrigue, universe, characters … all that we know about the film

Plot, universe, characters ... melty takes stock of all the rumors and information around Blade Runner 2049!
We can safely say: Blade Runner in 2049 ...

20 February, 2017
Nokia 8: Its price unveiled by a Chinese retailer?

The Nokia 8 is not yet unveiled but a Chinese e-commerce site already offers it in pre-order. A price is even offered. Surprising.
With its return ...

20 February, 2017
Samsung: New rendering of the Galaxy Tab S3 before MWC 2017

The Galaxy Tab S3 continues to be talked about. A rendering has just leaked, and allows you to appreciate its design.
A few days ago, meltyStyle ...

14 February, 2017
Kate Middleton is a botox fan? His secret to look younger unveiled

Did Kate Middleton use cosmetic surgery? Anyway, its secret to look younger has just been unveiled and it is surprising!
Recently, Melty's editorial ...

12 February, 2017
Huawei P10, P10 Plus: Their leakage price before the MWC 2017!

We have an idea of ​​the price at which the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus will be offered. Discover the document that just fled!
There are some days, ...

6 February, 2017
LG G6: Its price has leaked, and it will not please you!

Contrary to what was hoped, the LG G6 could be marketed at a higher price than the LG G5. 770 dollars are mentioned.
Earlier in the day, meltyStyle ...

2 February, 2017
The Xiaomi Mi 6 would embark the Snapdragon 835 thanks to a trick

The Xiaomi Mi 6 could be equipped with the Snapdragon 835 before the Galaxy S8. The manufacturer would opt for a flanged version of the processor. ...

2 February, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Iris scanner, Pen S Pen … Latest rumors!

The Galaxy Note 7 is revealed a little more. An internal memo from Samsung evokes its new features.

The countdown has begun for the Galaxy Note ...

1 February, 2017
Google Pixel 2: What features will ship the phone?

The Google Pixel 2 should see the day and with it, the promise of big technical features embedded. Initial rumors give us a glimpse of these.
With ...

30 January, 2017
Sony: Features of the Xperia X (2017) have leaked

Sony should take advantage of the MWC 2017 to formalize the smartphones of the Xperia X range (2017). Their characteristics have just leaked.
There ...

27 January, 2017