Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 2, Scott, Lydia and Malia trying to remember Stiles, our criticism

Cinema 23 November, 2016

Scott Malia Lydia and Stiles have they forgotten? “Overlay”, episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf which this is the critical answers the question in an extraordinary way!

teen-wolf-saison-6-episode-1-memory-lostSo, Stiles is gone, huh ? But, hey, Parrish is back! As the Finstock coach – who needed to make a new turn in psychiatric clinic, apparently. Well, now for the good news. Now he must face the terrible reality. Stiles disappeared at the end of ” Memory Lost “, the season premiere of season 6 of Teen Wolf , and no one remembers him. But the links between the young man and his three Scott friends, Lydia and Malia are so powerful they can hardly be erased at once . So in ” Overlay “, last night’s episode, everyone has felt his side that something – someone – was missing. And while they wrestle with their visions and memories amputees, the Ghost Riders continue to walk around Beacon Hill and removing students (high school students why always?). This time it’s a guy named Jake Sullivan who is the victim and who disappears in front of Mason and Corey, and thus their memory. Accompanied by a Liam not necessarily very excited to team up with an old pal Theo, they try to understand what the Ghost Riders could do well in their school library … Both say immediately, the meltynautes, ” Overlay ” perhaps lack of action but he held us spellbound on the edge of our chair for forty minutes!
” I think I had a best friend .”. Yes, Scott! Impossible indeed not to be taken by the quest for Scott, Malia and Lydia, who all realize that something is wrong! ” Overlay ” is littered with clues that make reference to Stiles and how it has affected their lives . Scott relives the night he was transformed into a werewolf and understands that it was not alone; Malia, which Stiles was finally the anchor allowing him to remain human, gradually loses control and goes back to his bad habits of coyotes; Lydia, she is constantly trying to find someone she likes, without knowing that. When we asked what would happen in episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf , it was expected that everyone aware in varying degrees of loss of Stiles. And the way this awareness is also staging is clever and poignant . It not only shows how Stiles has marked the lives of three characters but also that it is essential to balance the pack. However, this is apparently not because Lydia is able to write the name of Stiles ( well, sort of ) they will all remember him three of a sudden …
But the worst awaits us at the end. Because Stiles may be gone but someone else has taken its place in the life of the sheriff. Yes, Claudia is back! What. Tea. Frigggin ‘. Hell! How’s mother Stiles, dead for years, can she still be alive? The disappearance of the young man has not led to such enormous changes in the existence of Scott, Malia and Lydia. Only their memories were altered but not someone they know has returned from the dead. So the fact that Claudia is again this he means that it is linked to the Ghost Riders and what happens to Beacon Hill? Unless his return is to put on the account of something else. After all, Theo is supposed to come out of the hole of hell where he was sent at the end of Season 5 of Teen Wolf , so why not Claudia. Anyway, it hurts us a little to see that the wife of the sheriff took so easily instead of Stiles, even up to bring him a meal healthy …
The other highlight of ” superposition ” of course lies in the treatment of Corey. Because no, the young man can do anything but disappear! It is perhaps also he who holds the key to locating missing persons . Able to see clearly what has become ” invisible “, it also allows others to become aware of what has disappeared and thus make it real again. You know, like this cat Schrödinger history, hidden in the box, in which nobody understands anything? But if one is pleased that Corey is gaining importance in the plot, as we like to see it give rise to a new dynamic in the relationship between Liam and Mason. And no, we do not want to talk about the drama not really necessary between the werewolf and the chameleon.
It seems rather that the three characters put in place the beginnings of a new pack , which also belong Hayden, of course, intended to take the place of that of Scott. So, the speech of our Alpha on how a leader should behave and he asserts Liam throughout the episode are double meaning. As they relate well to both its place in the lacrosse team … but also its future as a werewolf when Scott will set sail and left Beacon Hill . Liam he finally shoulders to replace the Alpha? In any case, it will be assumed that unrestrained done rather well in this episode, even to swallow his dislike Corey order not to put Mason in a difficult situation. If this, this is not proof that it can be a good leader!
” Overlay ” was not as tense as ” Memory Lost ” nor as scary. But then what is: it was exciting! Difficult indeed not to scream in frustration at seeing Scott, Lydia and Malia try to remember bits and pieces of the existence of Stiles. But in a sense it is rather relieved to see that it will take them time to remember who he really is and what it means for them. As much as we love Stiles as his disappearance must have a significant weight in plot and it would shame the memory of the three characters come back suddenly at the end of the episode. As for Ghost Riders, no one knows yet not what to think. Certainly they are creepy with their ravaged faces and expeditious method to make people disappear. But they remain mysterious and we finally put less uncomfortable than Dread Doctors from the previous season. At least for the moment.
There are questions over how the missing persons reappear in people’s memory. If Corey, Liam and Mason are able to remember Jake Sullivan, does this mean that all those who knew him can too? Or are they just the three in this case? And what differentiates the case ” Jake Sullivan ” case ” Stiles Stilinski “, including Scott, Malia and Lydia still can not remember even after pronouncing his name? It was not until the next episodes of season 6 of Teen Wolf, in which Theo is expected to make a comeback , to find out! What did you like in this episode?