Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 3, the Nazi werewolf entered our critical!

Cinema 30 November, 2016

While Scott and Lydia went in search of Stiles, the Nazi werewolf made his entrance in episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. Discover our review of “Sundowning”

teen-wolf-saison-6-saison-6-episode-3-6x03Last night Scott, Lydia and Malia have tried to get closer to Stiles in episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf . Have they found new clues? Have they finally track? The editorial of melty you to discover his review of episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf ! “Sundowning” opens with a demonstration of the new chemistry physics teacher, Mr. Douglas, with uncontrollable cough. The latter has flashbacks that leave no room for mystery, it is the famous Nazi werewolf and a particular need helium for breath. Eventually Scott and Stiles were right in stopping a truck filled with helium! In the girls’ locker room, Gwen asks who stole the affairs of his sister, Phoebe, but nobody remembers the girl in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Later, while Malia panic and changes into coyote, the sheriff hears Lydia Scott and Stiles. He tells them that it is a nickname qu’utilisait his father . Teenagers ask to speak to the grandfather of Stiles but the sheriff forbids them! As for Lydia, she has visions of an old woman. “The next stops were canceled” , she repeated while the sound of a train sounds. Hayden finds Gwen who desperately wants proof that her sister exists but does not believe the story of the Ghost Riders and sends the girlfriend of Liam on roses.
Later, Chris Argent asks Melissa examined the body found by Liam and Mason in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . The victim was killed by a werewolf. Meanwhile, Scott says Gwen protection to Liam before going to interview the father of the sheriff. But it is not clear. When the sheriff arrives, her father mentioned his dead wife and his missing son. Grandfather Stiles remembers his little son but his lucid moment flies away in a split second. As for Ghost Riders, they invite themselves to the party of lacrosse. Corey protects Gwen and Mason pays mounting ashes to shelter but a Ghost Rider tries to pass through the portal and managed to catch Gwen. All trying to stop the threat until Parrish shoots him . But the Ghost Rider does not respond and simply evaporate . At the morgue, Chris asks if something is missing in the brain of the victim. Melissa checks and finds that he lacks the pineal gland known to be the “third eye” of the brain. But who steals the souls in Season 6 of Teen Wolf and why? While Scott is back, Liam admits that everyone has seen the Ghost Riders. Scott realizes that all participants of the festival will be taken in the Wild Hunt.
The werewolf then finds the sheriff tells him that a dream is like a memory. He tells Claudia he would call his son like his father to it because it is the father that he would have liked. His wife agrees and tells him: “He will call Stiles anyway” . OMG, this dream is definitely a memory! Finally, in high school, a man was attacked by Nazi werewolf which takes its pineal gland to eat . He seems to need to survive! This new episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf was full of mysteries but we also offered some revelations to make our teeth, enough to keep us in suspense for 40 minutes. “Sundowning” has wanted darker than both previous episodes and even more moving . If humor and vivacity of Dylan O’Brien we lack, it is particularly interesting to learn more about his family and its origins. This episode also marks the highly anticipated return of Chris Silver and Melissa McCall. That gave us a smile! Appointment you are given, next Tuesday, to find a new episode! Meanwhile, also see if Allison might be alive in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . And you, what did you think of the episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?