Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 6, SPOILER finally back, our review

Cinema 4 January, 2017

A character very much appreciated by the fans made his return in episode 6 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. Check out our review of “Ghosted”!
After two weeks of absence during the holiday season, season 6 Teen Wolf was back last night with his episode 6. Lydia Scott Malia and tried to find Stiles after having proof that the son of Sheriff was indeed real. Did they succeed? The editorial of melty reveals his criticism of episode 6 of season 6 of Teen Wolf ! “Ghosted” opens with the scene where Lydia sees a mysterious woman on the other side of the mirror before you pass through and enter what appears to be another dimension. The girl is in Canaan where everyone is gathered for the feast of neighbors. But all of a sudden, the clouds darken, gusts of wind appear, everyone disappears except the woman Lydia had seen. Yes, the Wild Hunt went through there! For his part, Scott warns the sheriff they could contact his son, Stiles. Despite the evidence that the werewolf gives him, Stilinski does not believe it! For him, he never had a son. As for Lydia, she explains what she saw in Malia and convinces her friends to go to Canaan. In high school, Mr. Douglas begins to understand that he is not the only werewolf in high school, Hayden and Liam could be in danger. At the hospital, Chris is still in bad shape after being injured by the Ghost Riders and confess to Melissa that if he entered the block, it may not come out alive in Season 6 of Teen Wolf .
A Canaan, Scott, Lydia and Malia discover a ghost town . The coyote-garou finds the bodies of his adoptive mother and his sister Kylie and then sees Theo shooting at her! But when she opened her eyes, they all disappeared. Scott also has a hallucination of his mother, according to Lydia it is the energy present in Canaan that causes these mirages in season 6 of Teen Wolf. Meanwhile, Chris is getting worse and worse! He tells Melissa that he needs a mixture of 9 plants to save him but if this mix is ​​not done properly, it could kill him … While Scott, Malia and Lydia wife of the mirror, Hayden and Liam work with Douglas to get rid of Ghost Riders . You said strange? Rather, yet the Nazi werewolf seems to have good solutions! In Canaan, the woman of the mirror says not to know Stiles and gets angry when Scott suggests that the other inhabitants have disappeared. She insists that they have simply disappeared. But as Scott, Lydia and Malia get ready to leave, the door closes and the woman tells them that no one will ever leave Canaan. For their part, Hayden and Liam find Kira’s mother who gives them his sword. With it, the werewolf releases Theo ground! And yes, the chimera is back in season 6 of Teen Wolf !
While Melissa manages to heal Chris, Scott and Malia understand that the mirror’s wife’s son has died for a long time. Lydia, she discovers that the inhabitant of Canaan is a banshee. The latter tells him: “It’s not my fault, you think it’s my fault because they brought my son died.” At The Beacon Hills, Theo helps Hayden, Liam and Douglas explain to him that he must absorb the lightning of the Ghost Riders but Theo does not seem to really support the electricity. He no longer has the powers he has stolen! Liam vote to get rid of Theo but when it evokes Stiles other werewolves think it might be useful to them . In Canaan, Malia and Scott drown like little Caleb before them but thanks to Lydia, the other Banshee let them go and shows a glimpse of the powers that the pretty redhead could soon have! Back in Beacon Hills, they are obviously not thrilled to see Theo again. However, the latter seems to be a major ally against the Ghost Riders. Finally, Sheriff Stilinski decides to remove the tapestry that Lydia had torn and to discover something shocking. But what ? Mystery! Between the return of Theo, new revelations about the Ghost Riders and this last scene, Teen Wolf is back on top speed. This episode focuses more on the psychology of the characters and the revelations about the action was far from boring. We ask for more! Until next week, see if you have to wait a love triangle between Chris, Melissa and Rafael in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. And you, what did you think of episode 6 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?