Teen Wolf: Season 6 finished, Tyler Posey (Scott) joins Jane The Virgin

Cinema 6 April, 2017

Good news for Teen Wolf fans! Tyler Posey joins the cast of another series we love, Jane The Virgin …
The filming of the final season of Teen Wolf is over for a few weeks and while some actors of the MTV show take a well deserved vacation, Tyler Posey does not idle! The star actor is already back on a shoot … that of Season Finale of season 3 of Jane The Virgin ! Yes, the one who lent his features to Scott McCall since 2011 has just joined the cast of the series of success of the CW. And Mr Posey already looks well integrated , proof is the photo posted by Gina Rodriguez on his account Instagram … Welcome to the big family JTV Tyler, we hope you will like it!
Tyler Posey arrives in Jane The Virgin and should be a central part of season 4 of the show, already ordered for next year. The actor of Teen Wolf could camp a role very expected, that of the first love of the heroine of the show of the CW ! For more details, it will be necessary to wait until May 22, date of broadcast of the Season Finale of season 3 of Jane The Virgin . In any case, the fans of Teen Wolf can rejoice since after the end of the series this summer, they will have the pleasure to see again Tyler Posey from the beginning of the school year … She is not beautiful life?