Teen Wolf Season 6: Season Premiere, the Ghost Riders give no chance to Stiles, our critique of “Memory Lost”!

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Stiles did not manage to escape the terrible Ghost Riders in the Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf. Discover our review of “Memory Lost”!

teen-wolf-saison-6-saison-6-episode-1-6x01Last night Scott, Stiles and other pack members were finally back in the Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf . This first episode began on hubcaps. He regaled us and laid the foundation of this ultimate season of the fantasy series of MTV. The editorial of melty you to discover criticism Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf. “Memory Lost” opens with Liam and Hayden, out on the edge of a probably little traffic. Suddenly a car arrives, driverless, broken windshield. Inside, the couple found a frightened child. “Do not let them take me” , the he begs. We later find Scott and Stiles with the sheriff. The two friends are visibly to the research mission to stop criminals but have that stopping a man carrying helium. Scott admits to her BFF that’s good that Beacon Hill did not need them in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . But Stiles did not hang up so easily, and he may be right because eventually, his father needs them so Scott helps the child, Alex, “remember what happened” . Scott then saw a man on horseback with a gun took Alex’s parents. The latter says: “They come back to me!” You say creepy? And that is just beginning!
At the scene of the incident, Lydia feels nothing, Alex’s parents are perhaps not dead in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . If the pack quickly move on, Stiles refuses to give up . He feels that something is wrong and examining the windshield, he discovers that the man on horseback shot with a bullet “magic” . In high school, Mason noticed that the compass of the phone is wanton and asks her boyfriend to steal one of their teacher that does not work either. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are wondering why the glare of the windshield is blue, maybe it is because of a gas used. At the police station, Alex has disappeared, he put in a cell to escape the kidnappers of his parents in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . For its part, Lydia has a funny feeling she hears thunder and sees even take lightning. Scott and Stiles decided to investigate at Alex. The house is empty, covered with spider web, things disappear! Only Alex’s room intact. But Stiles feels the wind and when he looks under the bed, he saw the hooves of a horse. While Mason and Liam talking compasses disoriented Scott, Stiles is shot by a Ghost Rider . When Scott joined him, everything disappeared in Alex’s room. This is the next victim in Season 6 of Teen Wolf .
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Lydia hears in his head a song, the lyrics put it on the path of the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt. While Lydia asks for help in Malia because “something horrible will happen” , Scott Stiles warns of new threat. But it’s too late for that Alex is gone, even the police do not remember him in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Scott and Stiles think that the next victims are Liam and Hayden who were on the same road Alex. When Stiles arrives at school, Lydia’s mother does not recognize it, same with Hayden, Liam, Mason or his father. Lydia realizes that Stiles is the next victim because he can see the Ghost Riders . Only the banshee remembers him. Stiles waives escape, it’s too late. He confesses his feelings to Lydia and asks him to find a way to remember him. Stiles was taken by the Ghost Riders and the next day, even Lydia does not remember anything … In this first episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf , one could find all the elements that we love the series. “Memory Lost” alternated dramatic moments and moments of humor thanks to the character of Dylan O’Brien. The suspense was obviously part of the episode and, increasingly intense, has continued to gain momentum. That announcement a season on top! Stiles is really lost forever? We give you appointment next Tuesday to learn more and Friday night on MTV France to rediscover the episode. Meanwhile, also discover our exclusive interview with Holland Roden that says everything about Lydia and Stiles, Dylan O’Brien, the end of the series and season 6 Teen Wolf . Meltynautes then, what did you think of this Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf?