Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles and Lydia together? Jeff Davis looks even more Stydia in the future!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

But he will now happen to the poor Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf? Jeff Davis, the showrunner, confides!

teen-wolf-saison-6-saison-6-stydia-lydiaPoor Stiles had no chance against the Ghost Riders in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . These mysterious threats have captured Scott’s BFF and simply erased from reality. Neither Scott nor Lydia, nor the sheriff Stilinski remember Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Can the character of Dylan O’Brien be saved? His friends-they will eventually remember him? By what means ? Many questions remain unanswered at the end of this Season Premiere more intense. Jeff Davis, the showrunner, was speaking about what will happen in later episodes of season 6 of Teen Wolf. “As always with Teen Wolf, we can not give the fans what they want at once. It is a season about the disappearance and loss Stiles. So we like to remember things. I teaser will we return to really understand that this is a great relationship in Teen Wolf (Stydia, note) and we want to operate with as much drama and tension as possible. You will see a lot of drama between Stiles and Lydia . ” , he told Hollywood Life .
If Scott and his pack will not remember Stiles, they will feel a real shortage in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . “For each of them, for Scott, Malia and Lydia, Stiles has had a profound effect on their lives, and when it disappears, there is a massive loss in their lives. Everyone feels it! You can not just erase someone one of your life as the Ghost Riders trying to do. Each of them will begin to feel this loss and start to feel a missing part of themselves, because the people we meet and the people who have impact in our lives remain with us. There’s a great scene in episode 2 where Scott Malia and Lydia all come together to discuss what is missing in their lives. this is the power of a person to have impact your life. it really is one of the themes of the season. How your friends and the people you love are really an indelible part of your life and can not be deleted . “, he confessed. And when asked if Lydia is the first to remember Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf , Jeff Davis replied: “Well, I’ll tell you that something is happening at the end of the second episode is a reminder Teen Wolf to the first season. it’s a fun reminder, so there is a little surprise for the fans who have seen all season. ”
While we revealed you the 3 key moments of the Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf , it was announced that Scott had questions about its future. This will be one of the red son of upcoming episodes. “Its challenges are linked to finding his way without Kira, facing the last year and graduation and what he will do with his life, wondering really will be the protector of Beacon Hill, which is a supernatural tag His biggest concern is. Can I leave Beacon Hill-will she be safe without me or should I stay should I give up the college should I give up my future and stay????? here because people could be in danger. This will be his fight . “said Jeff Davis, who added that Scott would not long remain single! The werewolf will have a new girlfriend in Season 6B of Teen Wolf . The showrunner then spoke about the return of Theo! “It becomes a necessary evil and it has some capabilities and some features that are needed to solve the problem. It will be very reluctant ally. We have some funny scenes with Christian Cody and Dylan Sprayberry that make a good pair on screen. ” -t He said. It will wait until next Tuesday to discover a new episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf and until Friday to replay the Season Premiere on MTV France. Meltynautes then, what do you think of the revelations of Jeff Davis on season 6 of Teen Wolf?