Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles’ father in danger? A photo sows the doubt

Cinema 26 December, 2016

After Stiles, will Sheriff Stilinski be the next victim of season 6 of Teen Wolf? A disturbing photo creates doubt!
This could soon be the end of Teen Wolf Dylan O’Brien, the actor could not appear in Season 6B . His character, Stiles, was targeted by the Ghost Riders who simply erased him from reality. If Scott and Lydia now remember their friend, they may not be able to save him. The Ghost Riders are formidable in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ! Not to mention that another threat is currently lurking at Beacon Hills, the Nazi werewolf. Mr. Douglas has already made several victims in the small town. And while Stiles could disappear forever, it will perhaps not the only Stilinski to be at risk in future episodes of season 6 of Teen Wolf . Recently shared a photo via the account Twitter the series where you can see the Sheriff of Beacon Hill, are particularly concerned.
The times are tough for the Stilinski family! On the cliché, the sheriff appears very badly in point! He seems to be in the hospital and victim of a rash by really pretty. But what will happen to him in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ? Did one of the creatures who had troubled Beacon Hills attack Stiles’ father? Mystery! However, the sheriff may not be able to exercise for some time. Or worse, he could die! That may be why Scott’s father, played by Matthew Del Negro, will return in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . The FBI agent could replace the sheriff. Appointment you are given, from the Tuesday January 3 , find out more about the rest of the series and the future of Stilinski sheriff. So the meltynauts, do you think Stiles’ father could die in season 6 of Teen Wolf?