Tell me not that it’s not true, Les Minikeums are back, and hopefully with all these cartoons

Cinema 13 April, 2017

Coco and his flock will make their big comeback in the coming autumn …
The rumor has been running since the beginning of the week. It was finally confirmed by France 4 , which is working on a new version of the Minikeums, scheduled for the next school year. There are also historical puppets, Coco, Nag, Vaness … but also new heads, modeled after Louane, Omar Sy, Rihanna, Kev Adams and Norman (info Even if our hope is in vain, it would be just as nice to find those retro cartoons that made us kiffer in the 90’s. Do not you think?
The Rugrats
Casse-Bonbon, La Binocle, Les Lumumeaux … that nicknames of crapule for these babies who lived adventures of egg when their parents had their backs turned . At the time, the incarnated evil was not Negan or Ramsay Bolton, but this bitch Angelica!
Ninja Turtles
V’la the return which should make zizir to Pizza Hut and Domino’s. From their quarters in the sewers of New York, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo are four martial arts experts who fight crime, under the leadership of Splinter, their sensei to the rat face . Kamoulox!
Miskin. This Alan Parrish has always made me sorry. Stuck that he was in the game Jumanji, with a hostile environment to his person. From the mustached hunter to the formidable Amazon, through the Zulu tribes, all of whom have tried to speak the language based on onomatopoeias. His only hope: Judy and his brother Peter, who tried every episode to get him out of this quagmire. The same story should be found in December next year in the remake of the film, with Dwayne Johnson.
Albert, the Fifth Musketeer
If Albert was not recognized by history, it is because, at the hour of honors, he prefers to go and breathe the evening air and the perfume of flowers. . And yeah, this acrobat Alexander Dumas made a monumental mistake in his book: he zapped the 5th Musketeer Albert, because of his small size . While the man is valiant and it is my friend. Helped by a blunderbuss that spits out of the tomato sauce, little Albert protects in his way King Louis XIII. Hip hip hip?
Scare me !
Or how to catch flip shots in full aprem ‘. They were strong nevertheless in this series to tell you stories that stink the anguish. Each time the same ritual: teenagers, members of the Society of Midnight, gathered around a campfire, swung a special powder on it, before saying “subject to the approval of the Society of Midnight”, this history is called …. . In short, The Chicken!
The Animaniacs
We never knew what animal it was, and between us, we hit it. Yakko, Wakko and Dot were completely barred, and that was enough to make us laugh. Nothing but the credits will revive memories.
Denver, the last dinosaur
Again, a mythical credits (you’ll have it in your head all day). Denver is a cool dinosaur who plays guitar and moves skateboarding. It would not surprise me that he smokes of the weed in scred ‘with the band of teenagers that serves as mates to him. Only cloud in the middle of this blue sky: the infamous Morton Fizzback, who wants to capture it to make money. Course Denver, course!
The Space Zinzins
A band of extraterrestrials stranded on Earth, who do everything to go home, on Zygma-B. In the meantime, these zinzins live in a barracks in loc ‘and use of all the subterfuges (of which a machine that can “humanize” them) not to be cramer by the humans . On the other hand, I still ask the same question today: Candy is a girl or a guy?
Inspector Gadget
Is there still a need to present Inspector Gadget and his arsenal of technological toys? Nan, no more than to swing again hearts on Sophie, the girl next door that made me crack at the time <3 Sophie’s misfortune
Youth must have its fling. Yeah, bah is going to say that to Mrs. Fichini, Sophie’s mother-in-law, who has always victimized the poor orphan girl. Well, I must admit that the little one, Tom Sawyer’s sort of feminine, was not the last to do stupid things. But from there to pick up corporal punishment, it goes ohh! But what was the police doing?
Minus and Cortex
Say Cortex, what do you want to do tonight?” . True people know the answer …
The Stories of Father Beaver
Long before Snapchat, this beaver was your official supplier of stories . And normally, his blaze is also associated with all the mythos of your neighborhood. “Father Castor, tell us a story!” .
But also : Batman, Eddie Mcdowd’s Double Life, Extreme Ghostbusters, Once Upon a Time …, The Pirate Family, Billy The Cat …