The 100 season 4: Clarke in danger, Octavia as a killer, a new Commander … 5 things to remember from the trailer!

Cinema 18 December, 2016

Discover 5 things to remember from the trailer of season 4 of The 100, which was unveiled a few days ago by the CW.

This week the US channel The CW has finally unveiled the trailer for Season 4 of The 100 , as anticipated by fans of the series. It is a first long view in which there is a lot of things happening, then you are offered to discover 5 things we have learned from it. The first thing one notices when viewed is obviously the characters are not yet ready to find peace because war will continue to rage between different peoples – and even within them – without The elements will also turn against them. AL Y Clarke warned at the end of Season 3 of The 100 , radiation have not finished destroying the Earth and life will be more complicated for its inhabitants. In the trailer, we see in particular that it will be very complicated to get water and food, but that’s all, many people will begin to suffer from lesions and many people will die. Besides, among the people suffering from these lesions, we find Luna and … Clarke! Indeed, the very last image shows us Clarke totally disfigured and we hope with all our heart that it is a nightmare.
Speaking of Clarke, we could not help but notice that the young woman was going to have to justify herself again to her friends – notably Monty and Murphy. The Arkadian learner is still far from unanimous with everyone and we are afraid that Clarke must continue to justify himself throughout the season. In addition, if you believe some images, it may well be that she is alone in having to face the Ice Nation … Moreover, it may well be that we finally discovered Azgeda, territory Ice Nation whose Roan is the king since the death of his mother . Indeed, Roan will indeed be back in this new season, and on images we can see a snowy landscape that does not leave too much room for doubts. It is also possible to discover other Grounders territories, since the trailer allows to see a map.
Who said new places, said new characters and we were able to spot several, including Ilan interpreted by Chai Romruen. His character remains mysterious but judging by the trailer, just not going to necessarily go to his senses … And of course there is this mysterious Grounder we can with the Flame. Is it possible that Luna is not the last Nightblood? Will this mystery woman be the new Commander? Finally, we can not talk about the trailer elements that have marked us are mentioning Octavia. It is clear that the young woman did not discount Lincoln’s death and turned into killer, nicknamed “Skyripper / Skairippa” by Grounders. She is determined to avenge the death of Lincoln, but it may well turn against her since an image shows her apparently seriously wounded. Its future – and that of others – seems bleak anyway, besides rumors that Octavia would be pregnant in Season 4 of The 100 . Finally, we could also remember a sixth thing – and not the least – Jaha has no hair! What do you think of this trailer?