The 100 season 4: Episode 3, Clarke sacrifices his people, our critic!

Cinema 16 February, 2017

While the episode 3 of season 4 of The 100 has just been broadcast on the CW, let’s come back together on the main events that have paced “The Four Horsemen”!
The situation is deteriorating! And yes the meltynauts, in spite of all their efforts, our heroes find themselves faced with a phenomenon that surpasses them and which spreads faster and faster. Indeed, while they thought they were safe for another six months, the arrival of Luna and the last survivors of his clan offers the worst news: the apocalypse will take place in less than two months. While Melty’s editor suggested finding out what was going to happen in episode 3 of The 100’s Season 4 , let’s go back to the main events that punctuated “The Four Horsemen” aired last night on the CW . And the least we can say, Is that this episode was rich in revelations to the point perhaps to give us finally hope for the future of the characters we have been following for nearly four years. At Arkadia, it is total disillusionment. While Clarke and Bellamy thought that they had time to find a solution, they had to quickly realize that only a tiny fraction of the Skaikru could survive and now they had to make a list of the hundred people who would have that chance. A terrible decision that Clarke is not ready to take and the constant pressure of Raven does not help . The pretty engineer is, in fact, always as disappointed with the lack of honesty of the young woman and she intends to make him understand. Guardian of the clan’s last resources, She realizes, however, that she too must get wet and that putting the well-being of the majority first is not easy. By refusing to give the least amount of medicine to the Luna clan, the young woman takes her responsibilities even if the prospect of letting a nightblood die clearly terrifies us, we will admit it.
For his part, Murphy was returning to Arkadia. He realized that hunting was impossible outside the walls of his clan and that if Emori and he wanted to survive, he had to resume his bad habits and steal food. But where his evolution could have fallen into the water, the series decided to show us that Murphy had truly become a hero in his own way. While his father was killed for stealing drugs, he is doing the same to help Abby save a little girl. A gorgeous gesture that only confirms that Murphy is no longer the same and is now ready to commit to others . He will even explain to Emori that they must now become indispensable to be able to put their names on the famous list. Meanwhile, in a desperate drive, Clarke agreed to follow Jaha, who is convinced that he has found a bunker capable of keeping 1000 people alive. Bellamy is obviously of the party and the trio is heading for the bunker formerly run by a prophet who was convinced that he had the means to save a good part of the population before the first apocalypse. But in reality, all this was only a lie and Clarke, Bellamy and Jaha discover dozens of charred bodies. A terrible disappointment for the young woman who would have loved so much that things are arranged. Back in Arkadia, she decides to finalize the list but does not know if she deserves to add her name. Bellamy then takes things in hand and tries to convince her that there is hope.
At the same time, in Polis, Roan confides to Octavia a mission of the highest importance: to find the flame. The new guardian of the flame entered his home and stole it. So he needs his expertise to find her. Octavia agrees but hastens to tell him that Indra is part of the adventure whether he likes it or not. The opportunity for the two women to go back on the road and to be more badass than ever. And what is not our surprise when we learn that the guardian in question is none other than the daughter of Indra! The confrontation between Octavia and Gaia is all the more savory when she sees the two pupils of the Grounders warriors confront each other. After a rather virulent confrontation, Ally against Ilian who has only one idea in mind: to destroy all the technologies that could alienate them and we believed that the flame was going to pass there. Fortunately, Octavia had a plan of hell and all together they succeeded in saving the precious flame. Again, women are extremely strong in The 100 and it is a pleasure to see that even when Roan is the king, it is a woman who manages to maintain peace . Finally, the episode ended with important information: the nightbloods are immune to radiation, which means that there is a way to save everyone. But will they have time to do it? One thing is certain, the series is still exciting and we look forward to discovering the sequel. While waiting for more info, discover our critic of episode 2 of season 4 of The 100 on melty. What did you think of this episode?