The Avengers 3 Infinity War: A Violent Battle with Vikings?

Cinema 6 February, 2017

Will The Avengers 3 Infinity War contain a violent battle featuring Vikings? This is what a casting ad seems to evoke
The largest super-heroic meeting of film history, Infinity War , should link the scenes in different places and universes. And the chances that the film put in a great battle scene to the Vikings environments are very large ! And for good reason: the brothers Russo are currently shooting several scenes in Atlanta in the USA and have made an announcement to find extras women and men. The characteristics requested for these? “Long hair and long beards” . One can easily imagine that The Avengers Infinity War 3, including Josh Brolin tease its transformation into an image with Thanos , will take place in a familiar place of Thor fans …
But that’s not all because following the announcement explains that the extras will “be comfortable with fake blood, wearing many special effects and be available for makeup tests” . As much as to say that this battle risks being both violent and bloody! The last point to say with some certainty that Thor will be central to this fight is the word “Vikings” in the description of the ad. The Nordic God is likely to offer Marvel fans nice action sequences (and that’s exactly what they’re asking for!). To discover The Avengers Infinity War 3, which was confirmed Gamora the cast , it was not until May 4, 2018. What do you think?