The Avengers 3 Infinity War: The 5 duos we’d like to see on screen!

Cinema 28 February, 2017

It is not because they are numerous that the Avengers can not work in pairs. Here are 5 duos that we would like to see formed in The Avengers 3: Infinity War.
At the Avengers, as elsewhere in any other group, one organizes oneself sometimes according to the affinities! For example, Tony Stark and Rhodes, who have long fought together, form a solid duo, one can rest on the other with closed eyes. The same can be said of Cap ‘and Black Widow, as their adventure in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier has clearly brought together, or even Vision and Scarlet Witch, who proved us in Captain America 3: Civil War that they got along very well … even when they did not choose the same camp. But with the arrival of new superheroes in The Avengers 3: Infinity War , the dynamics of the group is likely to be upset and duos will not fail to form! Stephen Strange, The Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel will not only bring new blood but may well forge strong ties with some members of the Avengers . Scott Derrickson, the director of Doctor Strange, told him which duet he would like to see in The Avengers 3: Infinity War – a duet that one would never have thought of – the editing of melty decided to make his own small list Of those we would like to see formed on the screen.
Hulk and Drax
The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy have one point in common: the two groups have in their ranks a kind of choleric tank, able to stick monumental slaps to their opponents . We obviously want to talk about Hulk for some and Drax for others. These two super-heroes, large arms of the irascible kind, rely above all on their brute strength … and leave a little reflection and intelligence to the closet. Now imagine them both together on the screen! Clearly, one would not want to be in the place of those forced to confront them. It would surely be to whom the most enemies would be demolished! Well, on the other hand, one imagines that, knowing the two characters, it could quickly turn into complete chaos and that one would then find a way to stop them.
Gamora and Black Widow
One is the most dangerous woman in the universe, the other an accomplished but reformed killer who does not hesitate to face the tougher. Gamora, who is part of the cast of The Avengers 3: Infinity War , and Black Widow are unquestionably the two most powerful and impressive female characters in the MCU (a situation that could change with the arrival of Carol Danvers). They are as beautiful as they are efficient and full of character. They made their debut by appearing as superheroons with mysterious motives but always noble. And above all, both are marked by a painful and tragic past that has helped make them real warriors. Of course, it has a lot in common.
Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch
If Stephen Strange is THE sorcerer of the universe Marvel, Scarlet Witch is, she, clearly the magician! Both have powers that challenge the imagination and can return you a critical situation in no time – even if they differ in their nature. And since they do not master them a priori still not perfectly, they could help each other, even compare their capacities – provided they do not lose control, of course, eh Wanda! Their superpowers being very different from those of the other Avengers, they could form a duet apart that would put our eyes full. It remains to be seen whether Wanda would manage to endure the arrogance, charming though somewhat irritating sometimes, of our Supreme Sorcerer …
Groot and Vision
Yes, we know, this duo seems a little improbable and yet! That’s what makes it so interesting. On the one hand, we have a tree speaking with a rather limited vocabulary but capable of expressing a whole range of emotions. On the other hand, we have an android, which is not human, but has inexhaustible resources of compassion and benevolence. But they share another common point: they are both young , the one coming to be ” born “, the other being now the size of a twig, but nevertheless possess some form of wisdom . As a result, we can not wait to see if these two will succeed in understanding each other – even fighting side by side!
Thor and Black Panther
Why do you want to see Black Panther and Thor form a duo? There are several reasons for this. Already, because they never met, Thor being the only Avengers with Hulk not to take part in the Civil War. Then, because they are nothing, they both have a more or less similar role. You do not see which one? It is quite simple, one became king of his kingdom at the death of his father in Captain America 3: Civil War , the other is supposed to take the place of his paternal on the throne of Asgard. Except that, to see them and compare their behavior, they should not have the same way of reigning at all! T’Challa is of the grave and solemn kind, while Thor does not hesitate to empty a pint with his subjects. And both will have some problems with threats arising from their past. In short, as much as to say between their similarities and their differences, the two superheroes could form a duet more interesting! And you, what duos would you like to see in the film?