The Avengers Infinity War: After Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr on the start?

Cinema 6 April, 2017

Would the end of a Marvel era be close? Two emblematic actors of the MCU could leave the adventure and we do not like it too much.
The suspense is entire! While the shooting of the highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War is underway around the globe, we know that these are probably the latest films from some of the emblematic actors of the MCU. Good ok, the rumor is there with every big release Marvel Studios, but this time it is concrete since the contracts have been filled. Chris Evans still has two films on his own and with Avengers Infinity War & Avengers 4 , he will be free to renew or not to renew his engagement with Marvel, but according to his recent remarks, he wants a little free time to Devote to smaller projects, but equally important. Recently questioned about his future as a superhero,
He said, “Downey is much closer to his departure than I am, and I really do not know how you can hope to replace Downey as Tony Stark, who could take over?” . What would become of our favorite superheroes without the actors who gave them life on the big screen? Robert Downey Jr negotiates his films one by one so his future in the MCU can hardly be predicted, as for Chris Evans he is still waiting to know if Marvel is seeking to renew his contract or if Kevin Feige has other plans for Cap ‘! The good news is that the end is near but not yet since Robert Downey Jr will be back in the role of Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming in July.