The Avengers Infinity War: Kevin Feige promises that each character will have an important role

Cinema 13 May, 2017

Do not worry, it’s not because The Avengers: Infinity War is full of characters that the role of some will fall by the wayside. Kevin Feige promises it!
You know now, there’s going to be a lot of people, a lot of people, in Marvel’s future team-up film! Not only will there be the complete Avengers, but we will also have to count on the Guardians of the Galaxy and their patches (we think of you, Nebula) plus some surprise guests. Starting with a certain gentleman, whom we saw back with Iron Man on the recent photos of the shooting of The Avengers: Infinity War . So inevitably, to integrate all these characters in a single film represents in itself a challenge of titan . Because it’s not just about getting them to land like that, at random. Obviously, their appearance must have a meaning! Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, Has recently confided in the difficulty of managing all these superheroes and their presence on the screen. And, of course, on the importance of doing all this in coherence with the rest of the MCU! In an interview for the Mama Smith website, Feige said, ” We have to be very careful about the connections between the characters in the different films. We do not want the characters to appear suddenly out of nowhere just to say Hello, before disappearing again. ” We have to be very careful with regards to the connections between the characters of the different films. We do not want the characters to appear suddenly out of nowhere just to say hello, before disappearing again. “.
And indeed, see Drax, who should share a scene with Iron Man in The Avengers: Infinity War , just swinging a valve before fading would be downright disappointing! Whether or not they have a great role, every superhero must be well treated . ” It would be easier to do that, believe me, but it would not be as satisfying. Whether the role is small or large, and regardless of the time each character plays on the screen … it will necessarily make sense and it will be important for the story we want to tell. the film is shooting right now and we have already run a lot of interaction. and it’s really exciting! “. So do not worry, meltynauts, your favorite heroes, whatever they are, Will have the opportunity to shine and have an impact on the plot of The Avengers: Infinity War ! And to say that one expects the film with impatience precisely because one goes FINALLY to see the Guardians interact with the Avengers is a little euphemism. So much to say that we want their meeting and their exchanges to be as successful and relevant as possible. Which characters do you most want to see interact?