The Avengers Infinity War: The Vision Romance / Scarlet Witch teased on new photos

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Love is in the air! On new pictures of the shooting of The Avengers 3: Infinity War, Vision and Scarlet Witch appear very, very close. A new couple coming?
What will happen to Vision in The Avengers 3: Infinity War ? It is a bit of a question whose answer scares us, for the latter has indeed one of the Stones of the Infinite that Thanos wants for him. Will he die? Well, we can already reassure ourselves because from new photos of the shooting, it would seem that no! It would even seem to be completely human! In any case, in these photos, Paul Bettany no longer wears his special suit and he sports his actor’s head without makeup, when we know that he spent hours transforming himself on the set of The Avengers 2: Ultron’s Era and Captain America 3: Civil War . However, Is not all that reveals these new photos. Because if you saw well, with him, there is … Scarlet Witch! And those two are not doing knitting, but they are knitting and even kissing! We will have, as in the comics, a romance between Vision and Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 3: Infinity War, which will have a colossal budget !
Recently, pictures of Scarlet Witch on the set showed her fighting . According to several media, this scene would show the Red Witch repelling an attack of Thanos against Vision. Obviously, he still managed to have his Stone of the Infinite but all is well that ends well for Vision. And according to E! News , if Vision becomes human again, it still retains certain powers. It remains to be seen now whether the couple Vision / Scarlet Witch will form before this famous fight against Thanos, or after. In any case, to melty, one would not be against an amourette between the two superheroes. We saw a protective Vision but very worried for Scarlet Witch in Civil War . She ended up betraying him, and perhaps breaking her heart … In the next film Marvel, she could come back on these choices and see in him a real ally / love interest. And if it was their last chance to unite before the imminent deaths of many superheroes?