The Beauty and the Beast: The Easter Eggs of the film unveiled!

Cinema 22 March, 2017

We were waiting for her and today, Beauty and the Beast is finally released in theaters! And the film hides many secrets, which are revealed below.
Finally ! More than thirty years after the release of the animated film, the eternal story of Beauty and the Beast is back in cinema today in a live action adaptation with Emma Watson in the title role! And if you were already fans of the cartoon, no doubt you will love the film. As we told you in our critic of Beauty and the Beast , Bill Condon, the director, managed to preserve the soul and magic of the story while bringing some new features. Besides, it is not only the magic of Beauty and the Beast that has been preserved. If there is a trick that is found in all Disney, They are references to other feature films of the house with big ears and they have not forgotten them in Beauty and the Beast . Starting with Aladdin! You really have to look for it, but if you look carefully, when Belle talks to her father while working on his music box, one can see, among the trinkets that he built beside, an elephant adorned with A miniature palace. A reference to the song “Prince Ali” !
And another reference to Aladdin slipped into Beauty and the Beast , during the song “Be Our Guest” ! Yes, at one point, Big Ben enters the ballroom, leaving a palace that is none other than the Sultan’s, in the middle of Agrabah, in the cartoon Aladdin! Another subtle reference to Disney that you may not notice, too busy watching the fairy dance of Beauty and the Beast in the ballroom is the coat of arms “WD” on the floor in the middle that Are just the initials of Walt Disney! But Beauty and the Beast does not just refer to Disney. There are other films to which the adaptation pays tribute. Like the scene from the beginning where Belle runs to the top of a green hill with her blue dress. It was directly inspired by the musical The Sound of Music , which contains a really similar scene with Julie Andrews .
Finally, another musical comedy also has the right to its reference in The Beauty and the Beast : that of Chicago ! Yes, when Lumière makes his little dance number during the song “Be Our Guest” , there is a moment when he makes a special pose and where he is then “backlit” . Well, it came out straight from the song “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago ! After all, the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast can itself be considered a musical because of the number of songs and choreographies that compose it, so it is normal that she take her inspiration in comedies Musicals of the cinema. After, The Beauty and the Beast also has its own leg and stands out even from the original animated film. One has only to see all the differences between the two! So, have you spotted all the Easter Eggs?