The Beauty and the Beast: The novelties compared to the cartoon!

Cinema 22 March, 2017

He’s finally out! The Beauty and the Beast arrived in the dark rooms and novelties appeared in relation to the cartoon.
It’s party ! The big day has finally arrived and it was time! The impatience grew a little more every day on the approach of the 22d of March . Yes, if the film was released last week in the United States, the adaptation of the famous cartoon Disney makes its appearance today in French cinemas. But then, is Beauty and the Beast already announced as a real success for the franchise? This seems to be well set out for. If Emma Watson embodies a beautiful fantasy , the palm returns to Dan Stevens in the role of the beast. Obviously, the second roles such as Lumière or Big Ben give added value to this adaptation. If you’re a fan of cartoons, get ready for some new releases. Chanson, intrigue or characters, discover without delay the novelties presented in the film La Belle et la Bête …
For the aficionados of the cartoon The Beauty and the Beast , prepare to revisit your classics. The original music has been modified. Yes, if it can disturb, this little novelty gives a little boost to the feature film. What’s more, other songs will most certainly come surprise your meltynaut ears, but chuuut, we’re not going to tell you everything. Subsequently, you will most certainly be surprised by a key scene. The two main characters will find themselves in an important place in the past of Belle and this passage remains a highlight of the film. Finally, if many scenes such as the ball of entry or the launch of snowball have been added or modified, you will certainly appreciate the denouement of a ” A key figure in the cartoon. If Luke Evans evoked the changes in Gaston’s story in The Beauty and the Beast , we are not talking about him. Want to know who it is? You know what to do meltynauts! So, will you see the adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast to the cinema?