The best wish for 2017: realize that you are an Elect, like these characters of film

Cinema 28 December, 2016

That way you will know what to answer the famous question: “What can we wish you for this new year?”. Become a Brothel.
Frodo Baggy (“The Lord of the Rings”)
This will be a surprise for everyone. Small, thin, not especially charismatic, living in the middle of nowhere (kind to Culan), nobody knows you. And there’s no reason for it to change! Except that one day, boom, you fall on a single object – the ring – that designates you as its owner. The class. Well, after you have a lot of galleys to manage and it will not be all rest, but we have nothing without nothing. Must love the trekking in any case.
Anakin Skywalker (“Star Wars”)
A sort of Ben Arfa at the level of the potential detected by all the trainers and the disappointment that followed. An impressive technique, a certain propensity to play solo, high objectives … and a certain mental fragility. At the base nice, sweet, caring, when you slip your plan does not go as planned . Except that Hatem just overthrew the affairs of an office, not killed people throughout the galaxy. I hope for you that you will be more HBA than Anakin, the dark side is not top in the end. Dark Vador is powerful but alone, embittered. It is not a life.
John Connor (“Terminator”)
You’re still young and probably not ready for this kind of mission. Go get the bread and check the currency that the baker makes you ample. But now, it turns out that the human race, now controlled machines that run the world, sees its future depend on yours . Basically, you’re the savior. And the others know it and try to desolder you. First of all, your mother, before you were born. Then you, since you’re here. If you sometimes feel that the machines and other robots do not cooperate with you, ask yourself the right questions …
Harry Potter (Eponymous Films)
Look around you. Who are your buddies, your enemies, your teachers? If you have a red-headed buddy, an intelligent buddy, a pale blond foe, you have a track. If in addition you can not stop you from picking up twigs and play with when you get forest walks, not looking: you’re a kind of Harry Potter . In scred ‘, to have the heart clear, tent of “Expelliarmus” and other small spells. Oh yes, I forgot: if you have a scar on the forehead, there’s more doubt.
Thomas A. Anderson / Neo (“Matrix”)
Potential candidates are numerous. If we count all the computer scientists and developers, the list is long. If you go to sleep, it makes a good skimming and you increase your chances. Now, all you have to do is wait for someone to come and get you. Every day will be filled with suspense: Am I Neo? The only thing that you can prepare, it’s your choice between the blue pill or red . History not to confuse the others when they ask.
Po Ping (Kung-fu panda)
You’re kung-fu fan but you’re nuts? You kissed Bruce Lee but you have no flexibility or address? This is a good sign . Yes Yes. Do not give up, do not let go of your dream. Even if you work as a waiter in a small restaurant, everyone thinks you’re a loser … One day the people who made fun of you you will weave laurels. You will have saved your village, you will be a hero. A master. Suppose you have the choice, you hope to resemble which?