The Chinese know how to do everything, even super movies, but it’s not new

Cinema 21 April, 2017

All kinds of rage will be disappointed, it’s been a while since our friends are in the place of the 7th art. Here are their best movies.
And no, these are not copies, slanders! Rather genuine creations, and quality please. Historical drama, war, love, martial arts, action: there’s a little bit of everything, you can choose the one that tempts you the most.
Immersed in the era of the Chinese cultural revolution that is not so far away and of which we do not know much in fact. The director Zhang Yimou makes us discover it via the fate of a family that tries and must survive in front of the system and all its venerable machinery that rot their lives. Released in 1994, this film sums up the atmosphere there from the 40s to the 70s, with its political and historical upheavals .
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——- 1 ——-
Wives and concubines
Master Chen Zuoqian lives in a crazy palace, because he has what seems to be the dough that spills over everywhere. The guy multiplies the women at his disposal, already three and then four when the young Songlian arrives. Sold by her mother, she must learn to interact with other women . And above all, to surpass them. Everything is concentrated on these relations of competition and subordination towards the master. The beauty of the plans and colors strikes even more seen the contrast with the cruelty of the story.
——- 2 ——-
The demons at my door
More recent, released in 2000, this film deals with the conflict between China and Japan and denounces the stupidity, the horrors . Obviously, making an apologia for the war, even civil, remains rather rare eh! Basically, the situation is brought to life through Dasan, a peasant who sees two sacks left by soldiers of the Chinese army arriving at his house in the middle of the night. Inside, a Japanese prisoner and his interpreter. Except that for months, the soldiers do not come to recover them, then the whole village knows and wants to stop the prisoners. It looks tense …
—— 3 ——–
Dating from 2002 and with Jet Li, if it can reassure some! It is true that it can, to have landmarks, to find a face that we know, coughed coughed what. This film tells the story of China from 2000 years ago, when it was composed of 7 kingdoms, all at war to win . The kingdom of Qin was most afraid because his King wanted to become the first Emperor and nothing else mattered. Classic, the others join to eliminate it and hires three assassins super set: broken blade, snowflake and starry sky. Mock you if you want, but they manage! King Qin sleeps a little less well and does less evil so he promises fortune to the one who will kill these three assassins. Until the day a guy lands with the weapons of the victims. His name ? ” Nameless “. Personally,
—— 4 ——-
The secret of flying daggers
Flying Daggers is the name of the group of bandits who plunder the rich to give to the poor. A kind of Chinese Robin Hood but several. In 856, the power does not bother with hesitations … There is grafted a love story a little cul-ass, you fear the film cliché … and there is a reversal that changes everything! So, the poetic and dreamlike film also becomes epic, and one never says no to a little spice . In the end, of the beautiful work, especially for a chinese.
——- 5 ——-
The Three Kingdoms
John Woo returns home and continues to do what he knows how to do: show with action scenes of pork and big money. What necessarily displeases some because from the historical point of view, there are things to be said. It’s a film about Ben Hur, a film that traces the history of China, with a lot of characters, intrigues, battles … Because you have to choose, you only see one battle, that of the Red Cliff, where oppose Two kingdoms united to a third, all under the empire of Han Xiandi who then reigned. So you’re going to test which one?