The Circle: Emma Watson passes a stressful interview in a new excerpt

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Emma Watson wants to get what she believes is the job of her dreams in The Circle, but just the interview to join the business looks like a nightmare.
Here is a STRESSING interview! We apologize, for the moment we do not have the subtitled extract, but as soon as it is available, we will share it with you PROMIS. While The Beauty and the Beast continues to break records at the World Box Office , Emma Watson is already appearing on her new project The Circle . The actress will play the role of a young woman named Maé who is looking to join a company responsible for collecting data from online users. Initially she thinks she is acting for their protection, to make the Earth a better world, but as you could see in the trailer for The Circle , everything will soon turn into a nightmare for the young woman.
In the excerpt we share with you today, Mae goes through his job interview and has to choose very quickly, without thinking between two answers. A good stroke of pressure, and if it gave the wrong one? What we remember from this excerpt is that Emma Watson does not help us when it comes to discovering the correct pronunciation of the word GIF! Emma frankly, we’re disappointed! The film will be released in France on July 19, go to the cinema!