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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


Michel Berger died suddenly one summer day in 1992. The music world is in mourning, Johnny Hallyday is particularly marked by this tragedy.

On August 2, 1992, Michel Berger is having a heart attack after a game of tennis in his residence in Ramatuelle, in the Var. The composer died tragically at the age of 44 years, leaving his wife France Gall, and her two children, Raphael and Pauline, in a pain unfathomable. The music world is in mourning, Johnny Hallyday has been particularly affected by the tragedy. The lyricist has written ‘Rock ‘ n’ Roll Attitude, the album of the Taulier released in 1985.

“I was in Saint-Tropez when he had his discomfort and that he died, he remembered during an interview in April 2017 and released in the documentary Johnny Hallyday, France’s Rock’ n Rollle December 7, 2017, shortly after his death, but still available in replay. I had a shock at the time, I rarely cried in my life, and I think I’ve cried that day. “And then, after a short silence, the rocker resumed :” I miss him a lot, he was a composer of formidable and a very good friend.”

Johnny Hallyday and Michel Berger are little worked, but they have, in a short time, to build a true relationship. “It was a very meticulous, very delicate, extremely shy, while being very generous and very nice, someone I liked a lot. He was very faithful in friendship, which touched me greatly. Once the album was finished, we could no longer see ! And no, he called me every day,” remembered tenderly the legend of the rock.


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