The day when … Shadowhunters conquered my heart with the Malec couple!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

You too, have you had a favorite for Shadowhunters? You love the Malec couple and you can not do without it? Excellent, I think we’ll have a lot to say!
Hello everyone! I hope you are well and that you have enjoyed the good food and the gifts you received at Christmas. In this qu’ensoleillée also cold day, I decided to talk about the new series Freeform , Shadowhunters. A television adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s novels, the show has played an important role on the cable channel and there is no need to deny that the producers and executives of Freeform hoped that the success would be equal to that of Pretty Little Liars Locomotive of the chain but which will disappear in a few months. It is a slightly exaggerated confidence that offered Freeform this adaptation which has all the ingredients of a fantastic teen show on The Vampire Diaries . And we will admit that the cast is endowed with an immense talent.
In addition to the familiar face of Harry Shum Jr who had enchanted Glee’s filming trays with his incomparable grace, the others had not yet broken into the middle and thus invited themselves for the first time to the front row of a series Televised. On this side, the bet is clearly successful as the alchemy works between each member of the cast. However, the plots have started slowly and it was not until a few episodes to identify the exact potential of this show . It must be said that Freeform is rather novice in the fantastic genre. Indeed, the chain formerly named ABC Family is trying to take a real turn and try to break away from the family dramas that have nevertheless been its trademark for years. Between Switched at Birth, The Fosters and The Lying Game, nothing predisposed them to attempt this revival as opposed to their roots.
Nothing surprising therefore that the startup was long. Nevertheless, with an endearing heroine and intrigues more and more worked, the series knew how to channel and find herself. That said, we are not going to lie, hard to believe that Shadowhunters would have the same flavor without Magnus and Alec who simply knew conquer my heart. I found the series cute, unpretentious and rather sympathetic but I was also not packed. But when Magnus started to be put forward, I was quickly transported. The warlock is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the series. Sometimes sensitive and charming, sometimes badass and cunning, Magnus never ceases to surprise us and make us want to discover it. In a world like ours where everything should go in boxes, Magnus explodes and blooms in all its differences and all its pleasures . We like his good mood, his frankness, his humor and we especially like to discover another facet of Harry Shum Jr clearly under exploited in Glee. I had never been so astonished at the talent of an actor. Nothing could have been imagined that behind a faculty to move simply extraordinary hid also a potential of acting as formidable.
But where Magnus is an assumed hedonist, Alec is the complex character par excellence. Alec resembles us and drags us into the difficult journey of his introspection because that is exactly the strength of the first season of Shadowhunters. She was able to describe with authenticity the way that many of us go through to find ourselves and begin to love each other. More than a linear fantasy series which seeks to follow a battle of the Gentiles against the wicked Shadowhunters keeps pace with the times and does not seek to lie or cheat . Magnus and Alec, divine products of the imagination of Cassandra Clare, thus offer a place in gold in the show and do not cease to prove to us that they are the trump card of Shadowhunters.
I am not insensitive to other characters far away but I must admit that I feel a deep, eternal affection for Malec torque that was literally screaming at my screen, smiling like a sausage, laugh out loud, cry Emotions and proved once again that love will always be the most real magic of the universe. And yes, here I am again a good romantic decided to assume. But the real lesson of the show finally summed up in one sentence: our differences are our greatest wealth . So much to tell you that I’m waiting next week with unmistakable impatience so I can not wait to meet Clary, Jace, Alec, Magnus and the others for new adventures on Freeform.
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