The egg but cool though, unavoidable character in the series of the 90s

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Long before “The Big Bang Theory,” the Nerds already appeared, including the female. Their lack of swagg could mislead you: they were nice.

We are not going to lie, we all thought and thought like that. The colleague, the girl with glasses bottle ass the old blouses or sweaters dégueus, bah boys preferred to avoid (this also works in reverse, by the way) . Strangely, you were more motivated to approach the others, the popular … So, the intellos dragged between them, and the others did the same. Too bad, because despite their difficulty to go to others, to make the cool chicks, to engage the conversation, these girls were super actually. The proof with these serial characters that we watched on TV at the time, in the 90s.
Andrea Zuckerman (“Beverly Hills, 90210”)
She clearly had nothing to do with the rest of the band. They thought above all of having fun, partying, drying the courts, galocher … Just the first names gave you a clue. She, Andrea, came from another district and wished successful school, she was working hard, was motivated . With her floral shirts and glasses, she was mature. Finally, old and boring what. But in the end, the “reporter” Brandon makes his acquaintance, finds it nice and hangs with her. So ? Of course she can be funny and relax!
Lindsay Weir (“Freaks and geeks”)
Obsessed by the math, little Lindsay was outright competitions. Called a “mathlete” . And yeah my buddy, that has a name! In short, when her grandmother dies, she wants to change her life. No more math and shit look, Lindsay wants to patronize the bad boys and girls rebels, those who do not care nothing ongoing . She exchanges her rolled collars and old pullovers against the military jacket and the jeans of the daron. Well, the style remains average but it proves that it can also have moments of madness and delusion.
Monica Geller (“Friends”)
Gifted at school, serious, organized, responsible … Monica has always been like that. From high school, when she was slightly overweight. Although it dried years later, it has not changed. She wants to succeed everything, win everything, do everything perfectly, applied nerd who respects : Chandler’s regime, his marriage, the American football game on Christmas Eve … So yes, you sometimes succeed to bear. Still, she makes us laugh and we would all like to have a friend like that.
Topanga Lawrence (“The Incorrigible Cory”)
As the title of the series indicates, the central character is Cory Matthews. From college to high school, one follows his adventures: in family, in progress, in love … And it is precisely on this last point that Topanga plays a role. And yet she was leaving from a distance! The first name, already. His delirium for the environment and his vegetarianism, then. Her dress style, based glasses, ponytail, finally . And as time goes on, all this disappears and Topanga sends heavy. Not crazy, Cory sees it too and their story can begin. Her coolness does not depend on her ability to chop: instead of going to Yale, this super intelligent chick chose to go to the local high school to stay with her pals.
Penelope Russo (“Little Flower”)
The starting pitch concerns Nick Russo, a divorced father who takes care of his three kids. Two boys and a girl, Penelope, nicknamed “little flower”. Sensitive, intelligent, with taste, she has many qualities. She even has a boyfriend, Vinnie Bonitardi . Little anecdote: the actress is none other than Mayim Bialik, the famous Amy, girlfriend of Sheldon, in “The Big Bang Theory”. Another anecdote? She goes to an evening with a guy, played by Johnny Galecki. That is, Leonard, in … “The Big Bang Theory”. Like what, an intellectual remains an intellectual, labels are difficult to take off. Do you like this type of character?