The films of X-Men still have a sacred reservoir of female characters

Cinema 22 December, 2016

The adaptations of Marvel are linked and the vein is not ready to stop. Especially for the actresses, given the number of female characters that remains to exploit X-Men.
When there’s more, there’s more. For those who love comics in general or Marvel in particular and their cinematographic adaptations, it’s cool. For the others, bah they have to go see something else, each one his delirium. And for those who are fans of super-heroines and super-villains, it’s perfect! Here are some women that are expected to shine on the big screen.
The Stepford Cuckoos
A kind of 3-in-1. Moreover, they themselves say so. The three blonde teens (they were five at the base but two left rather quickly) have telepathic power, as Emma Frost of which they are an embryonic copy. The result of a scientific experiment based on the White Queen, they can also turn into diamond or take the brain’s control of others, as Professor X . Small feature: they think and function together, in symbiosis.
Pajama evening a little special.
Dani Moonstar
This is a quota that is not sufficiently present in the debates nor respected on the screen: the Amerindians. Danielle Moonstar proudly represents the Cheyenne nation, although she is a mutant. Besides his natural fighting skills (including archery, no it’s not cliché), given his education, it can project images and see how and when a person dies (such as Valkyrie, power nabbed via reconciliation With Brightwind). Ideal for movies: her habit of losing her powers, recovering them, being manipulated, as well as her nicknames of Mirage or Psyche … In addition she is good paw, in the comics she ends up becoming teacher mutant children.
The first female and Muslim superhero, existing for two decades. Kidnapped child, sold into slavery, rescued by Wolverine and Fantomex, Sooraya Qadir real name then joined the school of Xavier . Practicing and introverted, Dust never leaves his burka except when it turns into sand. There it sends. Explosion, storm, infiltration: it can kill steel, humans, everything.
Big spectacular potential. His bones are growing at great speed v, it can break (since it gives kinds of dégueus growths) and use as a weapon and then regrow others. Easy baby. Unstable because of his complicated history marked by manipulation and betrayal, Marrow often plots against human beings and is part of the X-Force team.
The perfect symbol for the expression: It’s in the head. Alone with her mental strength, Armor can build around her … armor (yeah, you could have guessed it anyway). Almost the size she wants, except that it’s logically hotter to hold her when she measures 150m tall like a bastard skyscraper. Its touch of originality: it derives its power from its ancestors by blood . And not by a mutation or other diverted technique. In addition, she was coached by Wolverine, who is her mentor. If this is not a character with a potential phew.
It needed one. The femme fatale, super sexy, with the suit that goes well. For a young lady named Illyana Rasputin, nothing very surprising. We remain in the cliché of the beautiful Russian, and the casting will surely be very interesting. Well, to return to the main thing, Colossus’s little sister was kidnapped at six years by Belasco, a demonic entity, lived in a black and evil dimension for years called Limbo, where she learned witchcraft. After escaping, she remained connected and returned as soon as she wants to disband her opponents because she is as omnipotent. How? With the teleporting disks she creates to swing her opponents wherever she wants, and a sword as large as powerful made with a part of her heart. Moreover, in the species of evil zone, it often turns into its evil double, Darkchylde. Styled for twists, false leads and other storylines. Which do you hope to see as soon as possible?