The first episode is bof but these series are worth gold

Cinema 31 May, 2017

The series is like everything, sometimes we must persevere a little to discover their true value …
Sometimes when you watch a series, the magic operates from the first minutes and we find ourselves wanting to watch the barely finished pilot … And sometimes it’s a little the opposite, the first episode is slow, the characters are not Not very endearing, in short, we do not catch what. And yet, behind a failed driver often hide little nuggets next to which we almost passed . Many comedies are in this category since, typically, they are series based mainly on the characters, on their alchemy and their humor rather than on a thrilling plot. And it’s hard to appreciate them without attaching a minimum to them and finding them nice to laugh at their jokes, but it’s a complicated exercise in an episode, especially when it only lasts for about thirty minutes.
The Office US
A excellent series sometimes corresponds to a mediocre driver. Too close to the UK version, the very first episode of The Office presents us a Michael Scott heavy and not very funny ( if it changes in the sequel ) with jokes falling flat . Add to this some characters who do not always feel comfortable – like Dwight – and you get an episode that does not really want to watch next . And yet, after a difficult season, it is only happiness.
The 100
The apocalyptic shows also have their failures. With its plot inspired by Kass Morgan’s books, The 100 had a good foundation but introduced us in a clumsy way to a universe not always coherent and especially to cliché characters as possible. Teenagers stereotyped and unbearable, dialogues flat and predictable … Everything was combined to flee this series . Yet after the pilot, but especially after the first half of season 1, the characters evolve – and reflect – and the plot catches us up, phew.
Agents of SHIELD
We adore Phil Coulson and the whole world of the Avengers, difficult to hang on to the pilot of Agents of SHIELD. And for good reason, between his intrigue a little too already seen and his characters too smooth, the pilot is certainly not the best episode of the series . All categorized in a rigid role, May, Jemma, Fitz, Phil and the others are far from expressing their potential that one ends up discovering in the following episodes and this for our greatest happiness.
The L Word
It must be admitted that the pilot of The L Word plunges us directly into the mood, but perhaps a little too directly justly. Bette, Tina, Alice, Shane and all the little lesbian group in Los Angeles do not take tweezers and are almost more graphic than most episodes . Moreover, to see all this from the point of view of the ingenious Jenny who discovers this world by opening his eyes is a little cliché and does not honor a series that shows much more subtlety and complexity in the sequel.
Parks and Recreation
Like many comedies, the pilot of Parks and Rec is not really a success and has difficulty to seduce us with his clumsy characters and her atypical heroine. Leslie Knope is not shown in her best light and it will take a few episodes before realizing her charisma and intelligence . Season 1 is not the best but the rest of the series shows us the real source of inspiration that is Leslie, surrounded by a team as endearing as funny.
To these series which have not been helped by their pilot one can also add How I Met Your Mother with his laughs recorded which has passed as a pale copy of FRIENDS , or even FRIENDS herself who had not Quite seduced the critics at the time. Seinfeld suffered the same fate, as did 30Rock and his rough pilot. In short, we do not always succeed all at once, but it is not a reason to give up, a beautiful lesson that works both in life and for series! And you, which pilots did not convince you?