The Flash: Eddie, Ronnie, Thawne, HR, which character do we miss most?

Cinema 16 June, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash will be broadcast as early as October on the CW, which missing characters will we miss the most?
This is the nostalgia moment! Yes, the meltynauts, a few weeks after the release of the Season Finale of the third season of The Flash, we have a hard time waiting until next October to discover the adventures of our favorite heroes. To wait, we wanted to come back on all the characters who have left us since the very beginning of the show . While Melty’s editor suggested that you find out which villain was the most successful in The Flash , between Eddie, Ronnie or Thawne, who is missing the most?
Eddie Thawne
The beautiful blue-eyed policeman left us at the end of the first season of the show. And the least we can say is that he died as a true hero and did not hesitate to kill himself in order to allow Barry to save the world from Reverse Flash. Gentle, kind, loyal and honest, Eddie was an endearing character and we lack her for her unfailing integrity. However, not sure that WestAllen fans would love to see him come back!
Ronnie Raymond
Ronnie was also a very interesting character and unfortunately we did not have time to discover. Quickly set aside to become Firestorm alongside Martin Stein, he disappeared by wanting to help Barry close the black hole that had opened above a town. Insured, intelligent and just married, the young man might have deserved better . If we’ve seen him on other Earths, we’d like to see him again soon.
Eobard Thawne
Certainly the most emblematic villain of the show, Eobard Thawne first took possession of the body of Wells and one will not lie: the interpretation of Tom Cavanagh was simply extraordinary. If he reappeared in Legends of Tomorrow, we’d love to see him again confronting his favorite enemy: The Flash. And it is known, everything is possible in the series and it could very well return soon.
HR Wells
Okay, he has not died for a long time but we miss him already. True ray of sunshine, HR was a nice Wells and who really wanted to make a place in the Team leaving to sacrifice his life to make up for his mistakes. We would like this injustice to be repaired quickly and to come back next season . In short, Tom Cavanagh is able to play all possible roles!
Henry Allen
Remember, at the end of Season 2, Zoom snatched the last member of his family to Barry. A terrible scene that had broken our hearts so much we wanted to see father and son spend time together. If it was not very important in the series, it was simply capital for our hero and just for that, we miss a lot . Waiting for more info, find out our record of the season 3 of The Flash on melty. Which character do you miss most?