The Flash Season 3: Episode 7, Killer Frost is unleashed, our review!

Cinema 23 November, 2016

While the episode 7 of Season 3 of The Flash just been broadcast on the CW, return on an episode full of emotions but especially revelations!

the-flash-saison-2-episode-16-episode-13From one surprise! And yes meltynautes, the more time passes, we reserve The Flash absolutely brilliant moments. Not to mention the key that Kevin Smith brought to “Killer Frost” a damn heavy and emotional atmosphere, this is an incredibly touching performance that we gave the cast of the show in an episode that could well claim the title of one of best of the series. And while the editorial ‘of melty announced that Killer Frost would bring chaos to Central City in episode 7 of Season 3 of The Flash , set back on the main events in “Killer Frost” aired last night on CW . And the least we can say is that Danielle Panabaker has become mistress in the art of showing the inner struggle of his character. Between gentleness, compassion and exceptional kindness Caitlin and determination, anger and unspeakable violence Killer Frost, he had a serious talent to play two people at the same time. If Dr. Snow was far from the enemy in this episode, she had this ability to finally say out loud what everyone thought softly . Yes, we love you Barry loud but you still played with the existence of everyone just for your own benefit.
Because it is that the strength of The Flash, it allows us to put ourselves in the place of all his characters at one time or another. In fact, we tend to feel too close to Barry without realizing how the heroes of friends sometimes suffer from its decisions. And this week, Killer Frost handed over the carpet all our wounds: Eddie, Ronnie … In short, a real torture for both us and our Flash. But even if we never thought Caitlin was unrecoverable, it is clear that she wanted to do battle with the Doctor Alchemy to the point of being overwhelmed by a fierce vendetta. But even in his darkest hours the only desire of the young doctor is to get rid of his powers . After driving Joe on the wrong track, here on the way to kidnapper Julian believes it can locate Alchemy. And she does not think so right because it actually comes to get your hands on one who hides behind the mask terrifying new enemy of the band. Surprising? Definitely not! What is, however, is how the Alchemy / Savitar duo works.
And so, who would have thought that Julian was really only a stooge? Doctor Alchemy that was only a puppet in the hands of Savitar? Person and the truth is that we believe that many secrets are yet to discover this strange alliance. However, not sure other information is disclosed before the final mid-season. Sadly, he has had to admit that everyone suffered in Central City and Cisco in particular who discovered that Dante was happy and healthy before Barry decides to have fun with the Timeline. A particularly painful shock to him who was recovering just this terrible loss. The friendship of Barry and Cisco can it still be saved? Hopefully the crossover event can repair some injuries. Fortunately, in all this misfortune, Wally brought us some joy in discovering enthusiastically that he had become a speedster . A happiness that it downright unable to conceal. In short, this episode was beautifully conducted and relied on facts well known to the fans to give us a condensed effective action, revelations and emotions. Strongly the last two episodes of the year! Pending more information, discover the secrets of Lonsdale Keiynan about Killer Frost in season 3 of The Flash on melty. What did you think of this episode?