The Flash Season 3: Season Finale, a confirmed death? Kreisberg tease a dramatic sequel!

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Andrew Kreisberg took the time to talk about the sequel in an interview with the TVLine site!
A confirmed death? And yes the meltynauts, after the appearance of a video of filming of the third chapter of the adventures of the fastest man of the world, the speculations went well as the beautiful Danielle Panabaker was the only person absent from This scene where Barry was being made to bid farewell. While Melty’s editor suggested that you discover our criticism of the season 18 episode of The Flash , let’s go back in detail to Andrew Kreisberg’s confidences in an interview with the TVLine site . First of all, know that the WestAllen couple left to last : ” They are again solid as a rock, which will push Barry even more in his search for the real identity of Savitar and especially to find a way to stop it. This will be the main driver of the last five episodes. ” Will Barry finally succeed in saving the woman from his life?
On the other hand, know that the rest of this chapter gives us a lot of twists and turns: “There will be twists at once frightening and dramatic but some will be simply hilarious. Anyway, we are very excited about the idea That you discover the latest episodes. ” One thing is certain, we are looking forward to seeing the next adventures of the CW’s most endearing team. Do the showrunner’s confidences mean we’re going to have to say goodbye to one of our favorite characters? We will have to take our pain patiently. While waiting for more information, find out everything you need to know about episode 19 of season 3 of The Flash on melty. What do you think of these confidences?