The Flash Season 4: 7 villains that we would like to see in the rest of the series

Cinema 7 June, 2017

Central City is often threatened by supervilains and very soon, Barry will have to fight more than one. Discover the 7 bad guys that could appear in season 4 of The Flash.
While Barry will be stuck in the Speed ​​Force, we wondered if Caitlyn could not become a super hero in season 4 of The Flash . The young woman has abandoned Killer Frost’s identity but does not seem ready to give up her powers. If she decides to join the team by putting her abilities to work for the people of Central City, this would be very good news for our favorite heroes and for the small town. In season 4 of The Flash , Barry, Cisco and their friends will have to defeat a new big bad but that’s not all. Each week, the speedster will probably continue to face the villains of the week which will again be very numerous. The editorial of melty presents you the 7 villains that the ”
Amazo has already been mentioned in the Arrow series . In comics, it is an android created by Ivo that can drain and imitate the capabilities of other meta-humans. He managed to defeat all the members of the League of Justice by himself! Imagine a villain who could combine Flash’s speed, Cisco’s vibrations and Caitlin’s powers. He could even copy the multiple powers of the villains that Flash has already defeated. Here is a villain who would be formidable!
Effigy is a villain of Green Lantern but he could quite integrate the universe of The Flash . Effigy can create almost everything through fire even other creatures coming out of his imagination. It would be interesting to see Caitlyn confront her alone and save Central City.
Starro is an alien in the form of a giant starfish. It would not be the first time extraterrestrials have appeared in the show. Starro has tried to conquer the world by picking up hundreds, if not thousands, of small versions of himself that can cling to the faces of people and take control of their minds. Flippant, right? Perhaps this would be an opportunity to review Supergirl and the WD in the series.
Shade has already appeared on the show but has not been exploited to its true value. He has access to a dark dimension which he can use shadows to travel and especially attack others in different ways. His return could be a good way to catch up on his first appearance in order to exploit him in a way to do justice to the character.
Giganta is a brilliant scientist who eventually massively increase her size and mass . After a giant shark, Central City could be threatened by a giant woman. It could be a great challenge for the Flash to deal not only with someone with meta-human powers, but also with a brilliant scientific mind.
This former actor is endowed with powers of incredible transformations. His body is composed entirely of clay and he can shape it into almost anything or take on the appearance of other person. Thus, he could fool our heroes, which would make them the task of defeating him very difficult.
The Rogues
Captain Cold, Heatwave, Golden Glider, Mirror Master, The Trickster, Weather Wizard, The Top and Captain Boomerang are part of the legendary Rogues group . Though they failed to fight The Flash individually, allying themselves together could be completely different. So yes Captain Cold is dead and Heatwave is gone for good from Central City but the writers could find a way to bring them back to Barry Allen, right? If Devoe will be the big bad of season 4 of The Flash , this shock team has quite a place in the series. And you, what villain would you like to see in season 4 of The Flash?