The Flash season 4: Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars), Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries), … Who could embody DeVoe?

Cinema 17 June, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash will be launched as of next October on the CW, which could embody DeVoe?
Speculation! Yes, the meltynauts, in a few weeks, we will have the pleasure to find The Flash for all new adventures. Thanks to Savitar, we know that the next Big Bad will be none other than DeVoe. A vital information that allows us to start thinking about the sequel . While Melty’s editing wondered which character we missed most in The Flash , who will be chosen to lend his features to DeVoe? Many actors would be great recruits for the CW and we already have some ideas in mind!
Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars)
In two weeks, Pretty Little Liars will bow to Freeform . The opportunity for all the casting to embark on new projects. And with his crazy charisma and undeniable talent, we are keen to find Keegan Allen in The Flash. Especially since it’s been seven years since the young actor lends his features to the nice Toby, he may want to embody a real villain to change!
Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries)
No, we still have not recovered from the end of The Vampire Diaries! So if Paul Wesley wanted to stay on the CW and take a ride to Central City, we would absolutely not be against it. Very invested in his professional projects, we are convinced that he would immediately find his place in the cast of The Flash. And he is also very good at playing the bad guys and that’s already an asset!
Josh Dallas (Once Upon A Time)
After six years of good and loyal service, Josh Dallas has just been pushed to the exit. An emblematic figure of the Prince Charming, it is perhaps time to change and to make him emerge his dark side. It is clear that nobody would see him in the role of DeVoe and that is exactly what would be very interesting! No doubt he would manage to surprise many fans by becoming the Big Bad of the new season of The Flash.
Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf, Arrow)
If there is one thing that is certain, it is because Colton Haynes misses us terribly on television. Okay, he already has a role in Arrow but let’s not forget that everything is possible in this universe. Who knows ? Maybe DeVoe will be an evil double of Roy Harper! In any case, we would simply be enraptured at seeing him take on the role of villain in contrast to the character he was interpreting until now in the Arrowverse. That would give us a nice crossover!
Toby Regbo (Reign)
After playing the role of the King of France for many years on the CW, we loved seeing him land in The Flash. Different from what we could imagine of DeVoe, it would bring a touch of fresh not inconsiderable and we would be delighted to see Barry face someone his age . In any case, DeVoe will be the first Big Bad who will not have the power of a speedster and this promises us beautiful surprises. Waiting for more info, find out which villain of The Flash was the most successful on melty . Who would best embody DeVoe?