The Guardians of Galaxy 2: What will be the relationship between Star Lord (Chris Pratt) and his father?

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Will Star and Ego, his father, come to an understanding in The Guardians of Galaxy 2? What is certain is that their relationship is likely to be (very) complicated!
Here, in a few months, Star Lord will FINALLY see his most cherished wish come true! After spending years in space and being raised by Yondu and pests, it will be able to get to know his real father . Ego, the living planet, embodied by Kurt Russell. Well, for sure, he might be a little surprised! At least Ego is it not the villain of the film, as confirmed by the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 scenario that has leaked on the internet . But will our hero really succeed in getting along with his father? For although he has sought for a part of his life, he knows nothing about Ego and the latter probably has no idea who his son is either. In short, the encounter between Peter Quill and his father will not fail to raise contradictory emotions, in one as in the other. Besides, James Gunn tease recently that the relationship between the two men would be a complicated ( Obviously ), especially as Star-Lord will slowly understand who is really his father.
In an interview to USA Today, the director of the Galaxy 2 Guards spoke that Star-Lord would feel throughout the film: ” He will go through a range of emotions, first trying to understand why his father was missing before quickly come to idolize him, then he will understand at the end of the nature of their relationship and will compare the man who raised him and who begot . “. Hard to know who to Yondu or Ego, will win this comparison … Suffice to say therefore that it will not be easy for Peter Quill, especially when we know that, like the rest of the Guardians, it is somewhat inadequate social, marginal which is not really good at relationships . ” Let someone you love is complicated, especially when you have been damaged by life. And all Guardians are damaged by life .” Says James Gunn . ” We’re talking about a guy who always wanted to know who her father was. He will find out if it corresponds to the idea that he was doing .”. One can immediately deduce that not, not quite. But we trust Star Lord to see the good side of his father, as he did for the rest of the team. Anyway, as you can see, the meltynautes, there are not that Rocket Raccoon who will face an emotional test in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ! What do you expect from this relationship between Star Lord and his father?